8Commission Xi Jinping Xu to let people see the party strictly determination – Sohu news|Commission Xi Jinping Xu to let people see the party strictly determination – Sohu news

The Commission: experimenting with Xi Jinping Xu party strictly administering the determination – Sohu News [editor] on February 14, in the middle of the night and Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department website updated in the latest issue of the "learning and thinking practice enlightenment" according to let people see. The article points out that the General Secretary Xi Jinping always put to strengthen the party’s construction, the comprehensive strictly put in an important position, management and administration of the party leave the "print", grasp the "mark". Regardless of which areas are involved, general secretary to adhere to the leadership of the party are righteous, clear-cut; whether domestic or international, are where to go where, speak more more determined, more and more Yingqi, more and more profound. Said, never secretive, more than all who are strictly, strictly administering the sense of urgency than those who are strong; said confidence than who emboldened is sufficient, than those who are full of confidence. By example, general secretary Xi Jinping set an example, how many requirements, they do much. No matter how busy domestic and foreign affairs and defense affairs, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the matter, are timely, firm and clear instructions to make instructions. General secretary stood high, and seek a deep, everything wants to be in the former, dry, always take the initiative to set an example for the whole party. The following is the full text: building a clean government and anti-corruption struggle to continue to make new achievements, won dangxin morale, thanks to Xi Jinping in as general secretary of the Party Central Committee unequivocally, stand firm, will the quality of indomitable, strong and effective leadership, thanks to the joint efforts of Party organizations and Party members and cadres at all levels, thanks to people’s support and participation, thanks to the discipline inspection and supervision of cadres pay the diligence and wisdom. The "four benefit" is not empty words words, but the feeling of back formation. "Four benefit from", the most fundamental is the strong leadership of the Party Central committee. General Secretary Xi Jinping unequivocally stressed that the leadership of the party is the characteristics of the essence of socialism with Chinese characteristics, to strengthen the leadership of the Communist Party of the key is to adhere to the Party Central centralism unified leadership. The leadership of the party is the political leadership, reflecting the party’s own ideals, beliefs and the purpose of the firm; reflected in the governance of the party’s line, the line of the policy of the correct, scientific, practical. To the rich connotation of the deep understanding of the party’s leadership, enhance political consciousness, overall situation consciousness, awareness of the core, par consciousness, a firm and correct political orientation, take the initiative to the comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee on par, the party’s theory, line, principles and policies to the par, since sense to all the work put in under the Party Central Leadership and better obey the service on the overall work of the central. Left this one, our work will lose the direction, nothing. Adhere to the party’s leadership, a necessary requirement to promote the party’s construction. It is the inevitable requirement comprehensive strictly, especially to solve the leading cadres of the Party style and clean, to further promote clean government and anti-corruption struggle. This is the party’s long-term governance, and promote the inherent requirements of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Eighteen party to the party’s honest and clean government and the fight against corruption to make a comprehensive deployment, the Party Central Committee to the party’s work style and clean government firmly grasp in the hands, not to relax, a moment does not stop. Xi Jinping, general secretary from the party’s historical mission, to face the "four tests", "four kinds of danger", to fight against corruption, the situation is still grim complex judgments