8Comment Jin Mo brownouts cannot be ideal illusion – Sohu comments|Comment Jin Mo brownouts cannot be ideal illusion – Sohu comments

Comments: "Jin Mo brownouts" not "ideal illusion" – Sohu comment Guangming commentator: on March 31 evening, Shenzhen traffic police official micro blog posting said, April 1 onwards, on the illegal use of electric (motor) tricycle in key areas, key enterprises of diagnostic investigation and publicity guide, and the establishment of 15 days of education in the transition period. On April 16th, illegal road electric (motor tricycle) will be seized, detained or detained shall be. Shenzhen traffic police on March 31, released information shows that carried out since March 21, this round of "Jin Mo brownouts" has seized a total of electric vehicle 17975 vehicles, detention 874 (detained undocumented 670, illegally soliciting disrupt public order 196, violent resistance to law 8), collect illegal soliciting staff 771 person. These figures may on the one hand that local governance and remarkable achievements, but in on the other hand, more intuitive reflects the the policy itself encountered controversy and conflict, from these detainees, we can also see touched by "Jin Mo brownouts" real people live. In the current rectification action, by the impact of the largest, at least from the relevant media reports, it should belong to the courier industry. According to local media reports, there are 4 courier companies nearly 800 express tricycle was seized, nearly 50 courier was detained. Because the express industry commonly used electric tricycle delivery, express delivery industry bear the brunt does not let person accident; and in view of the electric tricycle, the existence of "traffic hazards", necessary governance, norms is also beyond reproach. Only, as a public governance policy, can not be without taking into account the chain reaction". As the media said, in the eyes of the urban management department, the electric tricycle is manufacturing the culprit of traffic accidents; in the eyes of the courier companies, it is to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency of the most effective means of transport. This point just reveals the "cut electric limit" action must be taken into account the policy of tension. If the implementation of the policy on the impact of social impact assessment, the implementation of unilateral "one size fits all", it is inevitable to increase the resistance, the impact of identity. In view of the significant association between the courier industry and the people’s livelihood, this action is involved in the electricity business, consumers, courier industry, etc., the overall industry chain, has affected the normal operation of the social order. Of course, this time the government action for special industries such as express car demand is not without consideration. Shenzhen, such as the current implementation of the courier and other industries of the quota system, that is, the authorities in charge of this part of the industry’s electric vehicles to implement a unified standard and total limit. The original intention of this approach is no doubt good. But the question is how to ensure the transparency and fairness of the quota system. Total control and express industry itself needs to develop the contradiction between how to solve? Such governance capacity does not keep up, the legitimacy of the system will be greatly reduced. Specification for electric vehicles on the road, hit the road simply by sub standard electric vehicles, also evade the crucial point too. Not to mention the electric vehicle GB already out of danger, the electric car production enterprises is good and bad, coupled with regulatory oversight, a large number of sub standard electric car in the market "legitimate" sales. Therefore in a certain degree.