8Chowhound director of bribery was sentenced to death sorry I did not drink Louis thirteen|Chowhound director of bribery was sentenced to death sorry I did not drink Louis thirteen

"Chihuo" director of bribery sentenced to death: regret didn’t drink the "Louis XIII" original title: "Chihuo" corrupt officials, unfortunately, did not drink "Louis XIII" national "two sessions" on, Shanxi provincial Party Secretary Wang Rulin pain group of Shanxi Guoxin Investment Group original Chairman Shang Yongqing extravagant life: long-term drinking from a South Korean cargo of milk. In fact, many corrupt officials to the impression that love to eat". What to eat what rare hunger breeds discontentment, people love to eat, also hope to improve the quality of life. But "chowhound" corrupt officials is the use of power, as far as possible to find some rare things to enjoy. Huizhou City, Guangdong Province Public Security Bureau, former director of the Hong Yonglin because of the crime of bribery is the second instance ruled that the death penalty, actually sorry to said: "I eat anything before, but" Louis XIII ‘this wine yet tasted. In the future, also does not drink the. " Last year in November, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection had informed the a municipal Party committee secretary like to drink high-grade wine, hobby game, midnight snack or meal, usually specially arranged for some game. According to participants later revealed that they had together in pangolin, braised snake, turtle, livedo East, tuna, and so on. Many people still remember, in the Bo Xilai case trial, Bogu apart a testimony has sparked the interest of the public: Bo Guagua from Africa brought back a very rare animal flesh, and suggested that Bo Xilai, raw, and Bo Xilai adhere to cooked before eating. Finally, this piece of meat to the Bo family eat a month. Bo Guagua over the world. The ticket by Xu Ming, former chairman of Shide Group paid in full. In the end is what meat, sparked people’s curiosity. Meat? Ham? South Africa Bill meat? People guess to guess to also have no conclusion, but it is a kind of influence: the Bo Xilai family to eat a kind of very rare meat, eat a month, and we don’t even know what this thing is. Honest, Wang had reported,, Jiangxi Province, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress Chen Chung like to drink wine, and drink only 5000 dollars more than a bottle, often in the hotel play until three or four o’clock in the morning. Reporters before the big eighteen has been involved in a local "running" dinner. Treat advance please loud dishes out, also tend to offer every dish ingredients from there. A table down, half a China are out of place. Do not forget to say that this is the last two days of picking. A hi Yu Hu table delicacies from land and sea to complete the deal. Do not eat rare, eat it also corrupt officials were not interested in rare delicacies of every kind, but they still shuttle in various dinner, eat is bartering. Former vice governor of Anhui province Ni Fake and businessman Ji Lichang often eat together. One should Lichang Ji Ni fake invitation to Kyrgyzstan home to eat mutton dumplings. After dinner, she picked Ji Lichang Ni fake 3 large pieces of jade seed material home. This is what to eat mutton dumplings, ah, eating is a jade seed ah. Wang Lijun, former director of the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau long inside the pot meal linger, even eat "knowledge", "study" the "circular type transmission chaffy dish banquet table" and "automatic transmission, the chafing dish dinner table" patent. In addition, he applied for the three table and a dining chair, a restaurant pass food cart and a bloom food insulation steamer patent in eating and drinking utensils the door ".