8Can you endure it Chinese teachers in Sydney to open China to burn China passport (Figure) – the new|Can you endure it Chinese teachers in Sydney to open China to burn China passport (Figure) – the new

You can endure?: Sydney Chinese teachers in public disgrace China cooking Chinese passport (Figure) – Beijing Wuwei, a once owned Chinese of Chinese nationality, 2015 joined the Australian nationality, in the University of Sydney studying for a PhD in finance, also in this school classroom. Is there any international elite? But now, he because published insult Chinese speech, the abuse of Chinese students, burning Chinese passport and shoot video uploaded to a social network move angered by the local Chinese community, the Chinese foreign students write to schools, launched an online petition that he is not fit for being a mentor, requirements of the University of Sydney to dismiss him. English media, "Daily Mail" this event report on student in University of Sydney chamber of Commerce released a petition in this regard, the students of the University of Sydney, will said in a statement, "as a staff of the University of Sydney published such a racist speech is very suitable for". Wheat Weir, Dean of the business school at University of Sydney, said the school had noticed the charges and was taking a serious look at the students. Speaking of here, you are not with the small overseas Chinese (micro signal: qiaowangzhongguo) as curious as this is a joint boycott of Chinese people say what? Attacks Australia Chinese students as the "dolphin", the meaning of dolphins in the Chinese pig:: China attack speech: burn a Chinese passport and thrown into the toilet:… There are a number of more aggressive words small overseas is not one one turned out, although the school is conducting an investigation of his actions, but according to the analysis of the legal profession, ethnic groups internal attacks in Australia is difficult to be defined as a racial discrimination. Wu Weitao himself but small overseas is also Oh, bullish the other racial discrimination against Chinese news, this "own discrimination themselves" examples of really refreshing. When it comes to racial discrimination, you can think of some of the events associated with, such as Chinese women in Virgin Atlantic Airways being scolded china pigs events, New York Chinese officers Peter beam cases lead to the Chinese world of "racial discrimination" crusade so… Than the event itself, small overseas (micro signal: qiaowangzhongguo) are more concerned about is that the racial discrimination case broke in, what kind of results: decision still remember last year, a June news? An Australian NSW woman on the train abuse another 15 year old Chinese girl called "Chinamen" to her to "roll back to eat rice", pulling the with her hair attacked her. Although the Australian woman claimed she hit 15 year old girl "is not out of racially motivated", but still on assault charges sentenced to 12 months in prison, of which three months without bail; she also abusive behavior sentenced to a month in prison, the implementation of merger. Now Chinese people traveled all over the world, the overseas Chinese also gradually integrated into the local society, but there are still some heart full of resentment of people dressed in racial discrimination coat do shady dealings! This series of racial discrimination cases will be how to end? Small overseas Chinese think, improve the fair and reasonable judgment of the law, in order to deter these poor species;