8Cai Yingwen thanked the United States concerned about the election in Taiwan, the two sides look for|Cai Yingwen thanked the United States concerned about the election in Taiwan, the two sides look for

Tsai ing Wen: thank us concerned that Taiwan "election" look forward to peace across the Taiwan Strait, the original title: Tsai ing Wen oath: elected immediately after the start the communication mechanism to maintain peace across the Taiwan Strait, Tsai ing Wen, and Taichung City Mayor Lin Chia lung together is not the DPP "legislators" candidate canvassing [global network reported reporter Xu Yichao] comprehensive Taiwan media reported, in the face of Taiwan "election" in 2016 after a possible change in the situation on both sides, the moves frequently, will send the State Council serving and retired officials running on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, transfer messages from the United States. And the last 24 hours before the election, Democratic Progressive Party candidate, Tsai ing Wen, on the morning of the 15th in Taichung said thanks to the focus on the Taiwan election, she would like everyone else. We are looking forward to cross-strait peaceful development, once she was elected will immediately launched external communication, and Mainland China, the United States and all countries and regions, we work together to maintain peace in the Taiwan Straits. News agency reported on January 15 is reviewed in Hong Kong in occupying, 2016 Taiwan "election" countdown to the last day, Tsai ing Wen election in Fongyuan rented at the Tokugawa Ieyasu community held "lit Taiwan every mile" press conference, appeal last which can’t be without you "strong push for votes, after the press conference, open media inquiries. A reporter asked, American presidential election in Taiwan or on both sides of the Strait and peace in the Taiwan Straits: concern, especially to Cai Yingwen if elected expressed cautious attitude, American scholar: Tsai ing Wen was elected the nation faced serious diplomatic issues. Editor: Su bud SN226