8Assange is expected to be free of the working group of the United Nations ruled that it was arbitrar|Assange is expected to be free of the working group of the United Nations ruled that it was arbitrar

Assange is expected to receive free UN working group decided that it was being arbitrarily detained – in Beijing February 5 (Xinhua) comprehensive report, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to escape the hunt, over the past three and a half years has been hiding the Ecuador Embassy in UK, the stalemate now or will usher in a significant turn for the better. Assange had to the United Nations appeal was illegally detained. News that the UN working group has ruled that a sangqi was "arbitrary detention", and has been the first informed British and Swedish governments, only to be officially announced. According to British media reported 4, the United Nations Working Group on arbitrary detention of the working group ruled that Wikileaks founder Assange was arbitrary detention". But the media was not immediately available for comment from the United Nations. Assange had previously said, if the working group dismissed the complaint, he would surrender, if he won the case, then hope to retrieve the passport, and ask the authorities to stop the hunt, so he regain freedom. However, London police said that if Assange left the embassy, the authorities will still be arrested for him. Working group in the past also deal with cases of illegal detention, although the decision is not legally binding, in Britain and Sweden have no binding, but a sangqi hope that through the working group to the authorities pressure allowed him to regain freedom, and may pave the way for the appeal to the European Court of human rights. Data figure: Assange and Assange’s lawyer Taylor said that Assange’s next action will depend on the British and the Swedish government’s reaction. Taylor said that because of Ecuador has given Assange political asylum, if he left the embassy, one of the options will be to go to Ecuador by way of security. Sweden over the past few years sought the extradition of A-Sun Qi, to assist in the investigation with sexual assault case. A sangqi deny suspects, fearing to Sweden will be sent to the United States, "WikiLeaks" disclosure of classified us to stand trial. The British Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that Assange extradition to Sweden, outside the bail of Assange into the Embassy in Ecuador to seek political asylum in the Museum of life so far. British police have long sent stationed outside the embassy, and said that Assange once left the embassy will be arrested. In 2014, A-Sun Qi held a press conference that his health deteriorated, he hopes the British authorities will no longer be wanted, let him regain freedom. Assange day before the "WikiLeaks" through the social networking site, said that if the working group of the United Nations to dismiss the complaint, he will leave the embassy to surrender, because there is no possibility of re appeal". A sangqi in documents submitted to the UN said, Sweden and the United Kingdom authorities deprived of his fundamental freedoms, including the failure to do with Ecuador provide shelter to accept medical treatment, sun or breathe fresh air, so that he was trapped in the embassy, exist in illegal detention. And Assange for years in the UK and Sweden extradition of seesaw, Sweden has repeatedly refused Assange made in London to accept questioning of the requirements, a sangqi said authorities asked him personally to Sweden to find unreasonable, behind the apparent with "political motives". As part of the case of limitation of action last year expires, the Swedish attitude recently began to soften, agreed to send someone to London to Assange for questioning.