8A fireworks factory in Jiangxi local continuous explosion in many area felt Sohu news|A fireworks factory in Jiangxi local continuous explosion in many area felt Sohu news

A fireworks factory in Jiangxi local multiple areas of continuous explosion was felt – Sohu news transmission explosion site map. According to the @ Jiangxi Daily News, January 20, 0 20 minutes or so, located in Guangfeng District, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province Yang Kou Zhen a fireworks factory explosion incident, the current casualties is unknown. According to local residents said the explosion caused severe vibration, residents in Shangrao District of Guangfeng City, Xinzhou District, feel the house shake. Other according to @ Jiangnan City daily news, the incident site fire into the sky, three kilometers around the buildings were damaged to varying degrees, Shangrao Guangfeng district Party committee secretary Kuang Chuan Cheng has led related personnel rushed to the scene. At present, the scene has been pulled off the warning line, the fire is still large, the explosion has not been stopped. According to the Beijing News, January 20, 1:50 Xu, Guangfeng District Office, deputy director of the Xu Jianfeng accept telephone interview with reporters confirmed, site of the explosion in the Yang Kou Zhen, the local has set up a temporary headquarters, fire and rescue personnel were already at the site. Local authorities will notify details of the accident. Shangrao Municipal Public Security Bureau official micro-blog 20, 2 am released information, Shangrao public security, fire, hospital, blue sky rescue team has reached the scene, please remain calm, so as not to cause unnecessary panic.