89Lin Dan’s great not by myself because we had rows of sports spirit|Lin Dan’s great not by myself because we had rows of sports spirit5

The US Open win 9 Vinci Korbel down again after a lapse of 5 years into the semi-finals (click to watch high-definition photos) sina sports news Beijing on September 7th news, the 2016 U.S. Open women’s singles 14 finals, Korbel overcomes the discomfort to start play in the first match, 4-5 fell after the case even won 9 games, the final 7-5 6-0 swept away last year’s tournament runner up Vinci, losing a 5 years before going into the US Open semi-finals, waiting for Caroline Wozniacki and sevastova winner. No. 2 seed Gobel as favourites, though the way encounter obstacles, but it is two disc clearance, Vinci as runner up last year, return to the land also showed a good competitive level, the two had met four times in the two games, the first game, Gobel start to send out the break point, but she put through the ball to resolve, then the two tug of war, Vinci in the third break points by Gobel into the net cash, leading 1-0. Gobel in the second inning immediately realized the back breaking, issued their own security after the battle to 2-2, the fifth inning, Gobel once again sent a break point, after a 19 shot after her duel assault line to resolve, but then in the cutting face of Vinci when too many mistakes, eventually Vinci after the 5 split after resolving the bureau again break, leading 3-2. But Gobel again immediately get back to break, to chase the score 3-3, a mutual game came to 4-4. The ninth game of the first set, Gobel attack a series of mistakes, lost four points again by Vinci break, Italian 5-4 into serving dish Bureau but Vinci, his serve soft attack, Gobel dare dares to achieve break, and Paul made a 6-5 lead. Miss Vinci in the non insurance can not this bureau continuously send 3 inventory, she was a fault, two called foot fault, was a break, Gobel won the first set 7-5. The second game, Gobel made a smooth security, Vinci continued to slump, 0-40 down again sent double fault gift, Gobel in a relaxed after Paul made the 3-0 lead, sent invisible eggs, the fourth inning, Vinci again lost 4 points was a break, after Gobel Paul made the 5-0 lead, the game has lost the outcome of suspense. Gobel again to break 6-0 implementation of liquidation, win 9 and return to the semi-finals. (rod)