89If you take the prescribed medication, the phone will tell you the rest of the molecule – Sohu healt|If you take the prescribed medication, the phone will tell you the rest of the molecule – Sohu healt9

If you take the prescribed medication, the remaining molecules on the phone will tell you the answer – Sohu health listen, what is your cell phone? Even if people clean their hands at all times, it is still difficult to avoid exposure to all objects on the left molecules, chemicals and traces of bacteria. With the Internet, especially the popularization and development of mobile Internet, the mobile terminal as the mobile phone has become a necessary part in people’s daily life, has penetrated into all aspects of basic necessities of life and even health care. The increasingly close relationship between people and mobile phones, but also to scientists new inspiration. Recently, scientists in California found traces of people, molecular legacy on the mobile phone can reveal the use of main food preferences and drugs. Researchers at the University of California at San Diego tested 40 adult phones and made 500 samples. They used mass spectrometry techniques to test the samples and found a large number of legacy structures, including caffeine, spices, skin creams and antidepressants. The researchers identified the molecular sample test results in the database to compare, the owner of the lifestyle of "Introduction": the main machine is female, whether the use of high-end cosmetics, is Hair Coloring; if he or she drink coffee or beer, whether love spicy food; being treated for depression; whether it is a outdoor enthusiasts, because he / she with carrying a spray sunscreen and bug…… All of these lifestyle and health information is communicated through your cell phone. Most of the molecules in the sample were transferred from the skin, hands and sweat to the phone. The research team found that the results of the past, if people do not bathe for 3 days, their skin will remain many health and beauty products which traces; mosquito repellent and sunscreen can stay for a long time in the human skin, even if people several months are no longer used they can still find traces in the mobile phone. In. So, the results of this research can be applied to what? Professor Pieter Dorrestein’s research team said, as hundreds of parts of the human body at least 1000 different kinds of microorganisms and bacteria, according to their test, people can identify specific items in the future: no fingerprints under the condition of the owner; check whether patients are prescribed drugs; provide useful information such as contact pollution. -end-