89Football Association agreed to set up an office in Guangzhou, Lippi did not explain the contract cle|Football Association agreed to set up an office in Guangzhou, Lippi did not explain the contract cle9

Guangzhou Football Association agreed to Lippi’s office a contract is not to explain the Sohu sports Lippi will meet the media fox face serious thoughtfully yesterday afternoon, when most media reporters from Italy’s China followed the new coach Lippi left the press conference after the meeting, probably not too many people pay attention to the OTC two holding banners grimdeath fans the banner, wrote, "China football upright, uncle Lippi!" In the national football coach this "unprecedented meeting specifications", Lippi behavior between highlights of the world big children Marshal style, Chinese Xuanshuai football association cooperation in the will "high salary, decentralization and all can meet the conditions of the promise of the Lippi team, they want to like Lippi’s gold medal coach can really lead the team out of Chinese the dilemma, and find the way to the world cup exit. Yesterday afternoon, Beijing China World Trade Center hotel to undertake a hitherto unknown high level football will meet the media, to meet with the media is determined over a week ago China soccer Italy "gold medal coach Marcello Lippi?. A total of more than 40 foreign media reporters, including more than 190 reporters signed up for the meeting, so that the Chinese Football Association until later this week to confirm the venue will be arranged in the space of the China World Trade Center hotel. Chinese football news office is through online registration through There was no parallel in history. confirm media reporters on-site qualification reports, the scene background plate with exquisite binding as well as the staff detailed arrangement also feel out of the ordinary. When Lippi entered the venue, and he was walking side by side with the Chinese Football Association President Cai Zhenhua, the Chinese Football Association, followed by other officials, it is not difficult to see that the Chinese Football Association on the respect of the self of the self of the United States of America, the Chinese Football Association, the chairman of the Chinese Football Association, the president of the Chinese Football Association, followed by the Chinese Football Association President, followed by the Chinese Football Association, the president of the Chinese Football Association, followed by. The meeting is to Chinese Football Association Secretary General Zhang Jian introduced the national football Xuanshuai process for opening, followed by Cai Zhenhua from the three aspects of interpretation of why the selected Lippi, the "stable China football technical and tactical level, improve the management of national football coach by hiring security level of work, the formation of a new style for China football the specific content in the early before the meeting had 11 declassified media. Whether Cai Zhenhua or Lippi, in his speech to explain the mutual trust and mutual respect between the two sides. Cai Zhenhua also stressed that the details of how to pay the salaries of the and the number of inconvenience revealed, but the football association does provide a sincere reward. From a legal perspective, Hengda and Lippi severance, Chinese FA and Lippi signed, Lippi signed with Hengda foot school as a consultant, 3 things are independent of each other, mutual relationship. Yesterday, Lippi also includes Chinese Assistant Li Tie, deputy leader Kang Bing, all the coaching team members and brought to the scene, with the media after the "China Football Association for the Lippi team full decentralization" reports coincide. China soccer ushered in the history of the big boss, China Football Association in order to practical work with Lippi team, agreed to the establishment of full-time office in the old club Hengda club is located in Guangzhou, the football occupation reform with vigorous strides today, such a bold attempt of "decentralization" and "security" is a rule, and seek international line. However, under the Chinese occupation football highly market-oriented background, blush