88Xinjiang senior confirmed Zhou Qixin season Rockets team to send physical fitness Division|Xinjiang senior confirmed Zhou Qixin season Rockets team to send physical fitness Division7

Xinjiang officials confirmed that Zhou Qixin left the team trainer sent rockets season for Zhou Qixin season in Xinjiang has become a fact of public number source: morning Hui Author: Zhou Duanpu special training in the United States, for the NBA draft, the poor performance of Olympic Games again, special training in the United states…… This dynamic summer Zhou Qi has been a concern, can continue to stay in Xinjiang has always been inconclusive. In September 18th, a reporter from the Xinjiang Guanghui men’s basketball club chairman Hou Wei learned that Zhou Qixin in Xinjiang has become a fact of the season. The afternoon of September 18th, the famous basketball commentator Su Qun first through micro-blog broke the news, said Zhou Qi will return in September 22nd, the new season will continue to play for Xinjiang. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the chairman of Xinjiang Guanghui men’s basketball club Hou Wei, he confirmed Su Qun’s statement. 10 this morning, the Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey and Daryl I made the first call, the call was very happy. In recent weeks Qi training at Houston, Morey said Zhou Qi progress very quickly. At the same time, Morey also expressed Zhou Qixin season expectations." Hou Wei said. According to Hou Wei introduction, the original plan for the Rockets in the week around September 29th to return to China, taking into account the recent activities of Xinjiang men’s basketball team in Kashi is more important, it was decided to change the plan to allow early return of Zhou Qi. "As one of the name card of Xinjiang sports, we have the obligation to Xinjiang sports culture. The new season, the Xinjiang team and Kashi City reached a cooperation, we will work together to strive for the development of the sports culture of the southern drive." Hou Wei said. In September 24th, Zhou Qi will travel to Kashi to participate in the joint participation by the Guangdong Hongyuan, Kazakhstan’s "Kashi City Cup" tournament. It is understood that the Rockets attaches great importance to the Zhou Qi, the new season, they hope to be able to send a teacher full follow Zhou Qi into the. This is another good news for Zhou Qi. During the Chinese race in October 12th, Morey will invite Hou Wei to meet. "In today’s call, and I hope that through this week Morey Qi tie for the two clubs have more opportunities for cooperation, including training and exchange of players in the summer of next month, we will meet with a talk about cooperation." Hou Wei said. Zhou Qi left the team, means that the Xinjiang team will keep most of the squad to fight a season. Through a season run in the Xinjiang men’s basketball team tacit understanding deepening, the new aid Sun Tonglin, newcomer Abdul Sarah M’s remarkable performance. The new season, we have reason to believe that the Xinjiang men’s basketball team will be a strong contender for the championship.