88Why bat can make network about cars but hang by a thread|Why bat can make network about cars but hang by a thread0

Why BAT can make network about cars but hang by a thread? Original title: net about car experience reflects, China innovation is facing the danger of the Dragon | glacier lame observation tree source: public number "glacier thought library" so far, I still believe that the network about the new car is a watershed Chinese innovation. Can it over the watershed, is the relationship between China can become an innovative country landmark event. But since the introduction of Shanghai and Shenzhen local network about the new car, has become a major watershed. Innovation and conservatism, the emerging interest group and the traditional taxi interests and local interests and the contradiction between the free market, all-round intensification, knives meet, and then the same Shangganling battle, parties are working left arm off leg pain tug. The biggest risk is the risk of policy network about car enterprises of vital importance may still depends on, among some of the key a few people thought, but a favorable to the people, in the social beneficial industries suffer setbacks, not only let the innovation loss, investment people plug, also let people lack confidence in China’s future innovation. Chinese style innovation is the biggest risk facing the policy risk, the network about the car in China once again proved this experience. Compared with the United States of America’s innovative enterprises, China’s counterparts apparently lack a more relaxed market environment and reliable legal environment. Chinese government put forward the "innovation in the last year, the public innovation", but Chinese innovative enterprises are still facing the rule of intervention, and an administrative regulation. In particular, it is worth noting that this year, the administrative control of the new economy is becoming increasingly active in the field of intervention, innovation environment is increasingly grim, is rapidly deteriorating. In April, the sea Amoy new implementation of cross-border electricity supplier Bay, some customs goods pile up like a mountain hand. In July, Mobile Games approval of the implementation of the new deal, small and medium-sized enterprises are facing life and death Mobile Games exams, and bay. Net about the car industry although after a game, easily released by the Department of transport, however, to the autumn and winter, the new car was the network about the local government Association sniper, a chill in the air. Although the new deal, the sea Amoy Mobile Games end have been delayed, but the net about what will happen to the new car, will let go, or delay, seems to be in addition to the key a few people, other people do not mind at the end. To avoid the risk of insurance failure compared with the United States, Israel and other countries, the uncertainty of the policy become the short board Chinese innovation, but also the entrepreneur Damour Damocles hanging head. In fact, the risk of policy entrepreneurs for China and investors, as saying "wolf" as we all know, also attach great importance to, but entrepreneurship is such — risk also means that income, as long as it is on, knowing that there are risks, will still go dry. After all these years have been repaired and experience, we have to find some way to avoid the risk of policy. One way is strong public relations. In Chinese, who some color Internet Co usually keeps a huge public relations team. The PR team mission in addition to maintaining the media and public relations.