88The American team to win the Ryder Cup must study Dustin’s amnesia|The American team to win the Ryder Cup must study Dustin’s amnesia5

The American team to win the Ryder Cup must study Dustin’s amnesia American team may want to further sina sports news Beijing time on September 30th to forget history like Dustin, American Ryder Cup team may be the biggest asset with Dustin Johnson in the golf. This is not his driving distance. But his amnesia. "Or there is no memory at all," Dustin said with a smile on the face of Johnson. Dustin Johnson must be good at throwing in a grand slam down: 82 pebble beach bar, whistling Straits bunker farce, Royal St Georges No. 2 iron ball out of bounds, Chambers Bay three push – until this summer, he finally won the U.S. open at oakmont. In the process of fighting against Europe, the United States has accumulated more scars than that. This is why the U.S. team captain Ralph Sans Hazeltine throughout the week this — although the propaganda team only 2 new – now is the new beginning. There is no need to say to them the European team won the last seven Ryder Cup in six, since 1995 in the past ten years, the eight session. There is no need to revisit the last Ryder Cup when native American team held the last day in Medinah lost 10 to 6 lead…… It was the 20 years of failure, and they were hit hardest. In golf, you may need to like the NFL defender, you need amnesia, "Dustin Johnson said," so, we have been talking about Medinah things. You know, we are very much looking forward to this week, the showdown, and the first phase of the game we will face on Friday morning. We have not talked about Dana mei." The forty-first Ryder Cup will begin on Friday morning foursome, start the first group: Olympic gold medalist Justin Ross British Open champion Henrik – VS – Patrick – Jordan steensen SPIs Reed. Two combinations have not lost the Ryder cup. This group is: Rory Mike Roy Andy – Sullivan VS Phil – Mikel Sen Ricky – Fowler, Garcia – Martin sachem – Kaymer VS Jamie – Volcker Zach – Johnson, Thomas – Wood VS Dustin Peters Lee West – Johnson Matt – Kuchal. Related reading: on the first day of the two Ryder Cup match against four: vs Ross Stenson then SPIs xiaopang Friday afternoon at four of the four game. Since 2006, the United States has never failed in the first stage, when the European team in Ireland has a better team, and ultimately won 9 points. Indeed, the United States has been the problem: the next three days of uninterrupted competition, this power needs to be maintained. Ralph Sans admitted this, although in a radio interview, he said that the United States is the best golf team ever assembled". The comment began in the United States team needs more pride, Ralph Sans admitted that when the situation tendency of the European team, the American team tends to be conservative, trying not to lose. Even the European team has been in the ridge section)