88Super League debut in Shangri-La|Super League debut in Shangri-La4

Super League debut China Billiards Association Super League, Shangri-La brewing preparations for more than two years (Shangri-La station), October 8th Shangri-La City brilliant in the Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province, marking the debut, the first real birth of billiards club occupation league team system standard, hundreds of players from Beijing, Xi’an, Lanzhou, Changsha the 12 club teams participated in the competition. The competition is organized by the State Sports General Administration of sports management center, China ball billiards association, jointly sponsored by the people’s government, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Beijing source culture communication company, is a billiard sports and tourism resources to communion. Where is the event? In a news conference on the 8, the Chinese Association of billiards association secretary general Wang Tao said: in the development of the sports industry, the professional league of any project, the project will be to promote the largest event. Now, the biggest innovation is China billiards association Premier League snooker, billiards, Chinese American 9 ball three projects at the same time, and with the club group entry. For the domestic Chinese and American 9 ball billiards and snooker highest level players, players at the same time, the players pay attention to training and potential value of mining, can be said to be the Chinese occupation of milepost billiards." 9 at the opening ceremony, Wang Tao stressed: China Billiards Association Super League with Shangri-La, it is a positive response to the call of the country, deepen reform, innovation and development of the product. IP can top events in each city and local city culture, folk custom, etc. the combination of bright spots, to promote the city tourism from tourism to common ornamental tourism, experiential tourism competition upgrade, improve the quality of city tourism." For the combination of sports and tourism, Diqing Committee Standing Committee, propaganda minister Lv Bing said: "we introduce famous events, cooperation and competition operators, is well-known events and" Shangri-La "and" Sanjiang "and" tea horse road "and other brands of high-end combination, cooperating together to create brand competition activities, common promotion and the guardian of Shangri-La sports tourism industry brand, sharing the fruits of development, win-win cooperation and common development." Billiards sports is an international popular elegant indoor sports, not only for billiards enthusiasts to bring happiness and health, but also because of the broad audience and has a huge consumer market. According to statistics, China’s various types of billiards enthusiasts reached 70 million, the number of more than 100 thousand rooms, the average daily number of participants of about 4 million, more than the audience crowd of more than 120 million. However, the influence of independent intellectual property rights of the local snooker tournament in the long-term absence of the state, the highest degree of commercialization of billiards in the awkward professional turning point. China Billiards Association introduced a large number of mature international events, including the China open, Shanghai masters, etc., but the time is short, is a single game, it is difficult to form a long-term scale effect. At the same time as the main problem of star participation, business and occupation is not enough, the lack of attention to more down to earth users widely for a long time. It is not difficult to see, Taiwan Super (CBSL) was born, as the star in excavation, ball formation, commercial city.