88Shanghai masters Ding Junhui 5-2 win over Alan for 4 consecutive years to advance to the quarterfina|Shanghai masters Ding Junhui 5-2 win over Alan for 4 consecutive years to advance to the quarterfina7

Shanghai masters Ding Junhui 5-2 win over Alan for 4 consecutive years into the quarter finals Ding Junhui into the quarterfinals of sina sports news Beijing standard time on September 22nd at 19:302016 World Snooker Shanghai masters for the second round of the contest, the focus of the battle in the evening 1 table, Ding Junhui losing the first set under the condition of 4 consecutive games, the final 5-2 victory over Mark Alan for 4 consecutive years, into the Shanghai masters 8. After the two against 14, Ding Junhui 9 wins, 1 draws and 4 defeats occupy absolute advantage, but the last two will be played back to three years ago the European tour of Germany finals, Alan beat Ding Junhui 4-1 to win the championship, the first game of Mark Alan when defending the cue ball wrestling bag, Ding Junhui attack zone attack succeeded, even 37 minutes after simple ball mistakes, the red pile all spread out, Alan received after the table is all red, even 69 hours to complete the super points, Ding Junhui hit the first ball defense powder 6 penalty 6 minutes, Ding Junhui Alan defeat, 1-0 lead. Second Ding Junhui two times long attack, scored 25 points after the positioning errors, Alan defensive flaws appear, Ding Junhui once again had been successful, but only 25 minutes after simple ball mistakes, Ailunliande 16 failed to call to the side base red, after Ding Junhui scored high difficulty far red, even 18 hours, 1-1. The third game of Ding Junhui forward the mistakes, but there is a red ball into the bag in the accident, scored 25 points after the ball around the table when he hit the brown ball, missed the chance to attack Alan after continuous, defensive flaws appear, Ding Junhui rely on God long to get started again, a single shot 54 points ahead bureau. The fourth game, Alan Ding Junhui had the ball far errors, mistakes after 7 minutes, but Alan simply hit the red ball turnovers, Ding Junhui single shot 86 points 3-1 lead. After the break, Alan started the first fifth games, scored 20 points after transferred to the defense, Ding Junhui hit the bag and ran successfully, a single shot 50 points not to ask what library red, Ding Junhui made a rod of high quality Allen defense, defense blunder, Ding Junhui eats 1 Red 1 powder to do a snooker, cannon solution the ball escaping opportunity, Ding Junhui missed the ball in the distance at the bottom of the bag, Alan eats two black red two after hitting the yellow ball far too thin, Ding Junhui cut into the yellow ball in the bag, hit the simple green ball turnovers, Alan scored the opening of the green ball to snooker, but the ball power control is not delicate, directly hit the leakage line, Ding Junhui once again make a snooker ball, Alan base solution leakage opportunity, direct cannon. Sixth Ding Junhui long attack, a single shot 56 points of thin red bag at the end of failure, Alan single shot 64 points to recover a board. The seventh game of Alan Ding Junhui again leaked rough defensive opportunities, simple attack zone attack succeeded after a single shot 58 points appear simple red bag failure, Ailunliande 36 points after the pole hit simple red ball turnovers away, Ding Junhui table remaining two red balls after super. Alan tried to recover the snooker score, but with Ding Junhui after one shot into the yellow ball and green ball, Alan only reluctantly accepted the defeat, Ding Junhui eventually eliminated Alan 5-2, occupation career fifth times into the Shanghai masters 8).