88Exposure of the Korean coach because of the use of super players were fired Han Han association emer|Exposure of the Korean coach because of the use of super players were fired Han Han association emer9

Han Han fired coach exposed Football Association denied emergency – Sohu   for reuse in sports players; Beijing on September 13th news, South Korea Football Association (KFA) for the network to upload the hanguoguo raise a Babel of criticism of football coach Stielike dismissed the news of the emergency denied. It is reported that South Korea’s poor performance in 2018 Russia world cup 12 strong Asian Games and Chinese team and Syria game, Stielike become the focus of public blame, many people have said he used to play in the super league players in South korea. 12 morning, a lot of media exposure in the Middle East, KFA is in contact with the Swiss Christian – Gross (Christian-Gross), he is expected to succeed as the new coach of South Korea to become the South Korean team." This news was quickly reproduced by the Korean media, together become the headlines of the major media. KFA in the afternoon 2 points through the official twitter denied the rumors: This is unfounded." Coach Gross in July 2014 served as the Saudi League club al Hilal, the incumbent team won two league title in two years. From Al Hilal, gross has been idle. KFA makes emergency rumor rumors temporarily subsided, but the Korean media pointed out that this does not mean that Stielike’s class crisis on the lift. At the end of the 12 games in two games, the South Korean team’s record of 1 wins and 1 draws is not satisfactory. Use the state of good K league players, the league in Europe cold-shouldered reuse returnees players and effectiveness in the super league players, the Middle East, make Stielike much outside duties: domestic league players can hardly get the starting position, but got his appreciation in the Super League, the Middle East people. People with less strength in the South Korean team, the Syria team China game than outside of Stielike’s stubborn veiled criticism." The report pointed out that the 12 race only played two, now it is too early to talk about the departure of Styria lick from. The move is likely to be released by rumors of Gross’s agent: "in order to benefit themselves in talking about salary conditions, this is the usual way of speculation brokers." Active in South Korea, Germany, a broker, said: if there are included in the national team coach candidate’s resume, the coach in the negotiations with the team to pay the conditions are very favorable." South Korea is currently listed only in the A group third, not only with the expected results are far apart, and even the risk of access to the right of direct access. Reuse super players, ignoring the players in the K League, so Stielike was accused of the outside world. He stressed that "the South Korean team left home court game must win", and actively to inspect the domestic K league players, "but KFA’s patience to what time, become a big question" Korean media said Stielike’s outlook is not optimistic. (Mai Yuan)