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Tianjin issued a yellow warning of heavy pollution weather start III level emergency response – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Tianjin on October 14th news (reporter Chen Qingbin) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, according to environmental monitoring, from October 13th to 16, the air quality of Tianjin will be heavily polluted, with "yellow warning conditions pollution weather regulations of Tianjin heavy pollution weather emergency plan", therefore, approved by the Tianjin municipal government, Tianjin issued a yellow warning of heavy pollution weather, and start the III level emergency response. From yesterday morning, Tianjin appeared more obvious fog and haze, haze began to increase yesterday evening, visibility decreased. According to the Tianjin Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau real-time monitoring platform shows that most of the AQI site in Tianjin last night, the average value of 200, is a serious pollution and heavy pollution levels. So far, the haze has weakened in Tianjin, part of the site AQI real time average current to achieve even mild pollution level. The haze currently has little impact on the traffic, Tianjin expressway is currently in the normal state. In order to deal with this round of heavy pollution weather, Tianjin launched a level III emergency response measures, such as key polluting industrial enterprises, in addition to have reached the gas emission standards of coal-fired facilities, the remaining coal-fired facilities to limit production, take all measures to strengthen the management, to ensure that the sulfur dioxide, smoke dust, nitrogen oxides emissions cuts of 20% or to reach gas emissions standard. Stop all construction, demolition, municipal, road construction site earthwork operations, waste storage point to stop producing all run by the cement grinding station, and mixing station to stop production of the concrete mixing station and mortar, if there are stacked bulk materials to all thatch cover, increase the frequency of watering dust etc.. The environmental protection department today will be divided into several groups to ensure the supervision and inspection, to implement the implementation of measures to limit production, the relevant departments to remind the children, the elderly and heart disease, lung disease and constitution of patients with allergic diseases should stay indoors, stop outdoor sports, people should reduce the car on the road, try to avoid daytime vehicle refueling, advocate a civilized way of life. The meteorological department said Sunday, as the cold air arrived in Tianjin, then the four northerly winds will lower the temperature, this round of haze will be less.