86Protectionism in Europe and the United States and China to become the backbone of Globalization|Protectionism in Europe and the United States and China to become the backbone of Globalization9

Trade protectionism Chinese backbone raging in Europe and America into a global stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes although the European warrants a refugee crisis, British referendum off Europe and TPP crashed out of the United States Congress events caused a global decline or even reverse some of the concerns in the world, but many scholars in the process of globalization still maintain confidence that Chinese and China enterprises should firmly support globalization, or even the opportunity over the new global order. U.S. trade protectionist tendencies evident in 24 of the "2016 Zhejiang Ningbo science and technology development Chinese talent week and global enterprise China (Ningbo) forum", Chinese and globalization think-tank (CCG) chairman, Vice Minister of foreign trade and economic cooperation, former Secretary General of Boao forum for Asia Long Yong said the figure, the problems of globalization has attracted global attention the British, from Europe and some other similar events that economic globalization encounter twists and turns, especially in the last presidential election, two candidates have published many remarks against international trade, anti globalization. Long Yongtu at the forum "especially on the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, namely TTP, Obama struggled to finally reached an agreement, the two presidential candidates are not buying it, it is not approved, the Americans got very embarrassed. Fortunately, we still have the foresight, like two years ago at the Boao forum said, we keep an open attitude and optimistic, shows a country wide open and global perspective." Long Yongtu said. In mid August, the U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Hilary announced on his economic policy so that it would be against the TPP, and now the opposition will oppose future election ", that the inhibition of TPP, depress employment salary of U.S. workers, thus its resolute attitude. Republican presidential candidate Trump is initially against TPP, in fact, Trump even against free trade, oppose globalism, said that if elected, not only the TPP did not exist, even the "North American Free Trade Agreement" (NAFTA) will also be revised. China firmly supports globalization and look at china. In the recently concluded G20 summit in Hangzhou, Chinese President Xi Jinping said that in the face of a sharp slowdown in the growth of international trade, the emergence of twists and turns of economic globalization, the multilateral trading system was hit by twenty. China to promote the twenty group to strengthen trade and investment mechanism, the development of Global trade growth strategy and global investment guidance principles, strengthen the multilateral trading system, reiterated the commitment to oppose protectionism. It is hoped that through these measures, we will create a larger market and space for the development of all countries, and revive the two engines of trade and investment. On the 21 day, to attend the seventy-first session of the UN General Assembly in New York Chinese Premier Li Keqiang delivered a speech, warning the rise of trade protectionism tendency, firmly safeguard world trade organization construction of the free trade system, while ensuring Chinese in overseas investment and Global trade continued to maintain a policy of opening to the outside world. All parties should firmly oppose all forms of protectionism. Thus, the highest decision-making level China also pay close attention to the global Cong