85U.S. media comment Spurs lost Duncan they will lose the chain|U.S. media comment Spurs lost Duncan they will lose the chain9

U.S. media comment Spurs: lost Duncan they will lose the chain? The Spurs team bid farewell to the history of the best players in the sina sports news Beijing on October 14th news, according to "CBS NBA" sports reports, the upcoming season, last season as the top teams, the Sanantonio spurs lost the first in team history Tim Duncan, "CBS" is also throwing out sports key problems of the new season: the Spurs lost the best players in team history, the Spurs will therefore get hurt? After the end of last season, Tim – Duncan announced his retirement. Duncan last season in the Spurs time has been very limited, but in the game, he is still very effective, Duncan is still one of the league’s highly efficient defensive players. While the Spurs overall defensive rating (drtg) ranked first in the league, the League record is second. After losing Duncan, the Spurs will not be affected too much. On the one hand, the Spurs system is very good, after losing Duncan, even if the defense down, but also nothing more than the defense ranked first place is not guaranteed, but certainly will not become a poor defensive team. On the other hand to replace Duncan Paul – Gasol strength is also very strong, so as not to drop the ball. But the key point is that without Duncan, the Spurs in the locker room, off the core. With Duncan, the Spurs will be united, and there will be no problems, but without Duncan, will the Spurs be so good? It takes the Spurs to prove it. (goo DA)