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Conti confirmed that the two will comeback: Costa Lukaku is more than perfect [collection] Chelsea 2-0 Zal Costa scored four league wins a Tencent (data) November 5th sports news Chelsea coach Conti attended the weekend league against Everton before the press conference, he confirmed that Zuma and Fabregas two people soon return, should be in the national team can play the game the day after the game. Speaking of Chelsea’s sale of Lukaku, said that he did not regret the return of the Belgian center, because it is possible to give the team to provide all of the, said Chelsea. Conti: we have no shortage of Costa Lukaku recently, Fabregas because the muscle injury has been unable to debut, while the British media coined a small law frequently. Rumors, and Conti spoke Fabregas recovery, "in this week, Fabregas and Zuma have been in training with the team, after a long the time after the break, the players need to take some time to let the body back to the best, this is normal, in my opinion, in the national team, two people can play. I am happy for Fabregas’s return, for us, he is an important player, and so is Zuma." In speaking of opponent Everton, Conti on the Toffees commented, "Everton is a dangerous rival, last season we didn’t beat Everton, it’s important to remember that I, players and fans need to remember, hope in tomorrow’s game, fans can support us without reserve. We have also realized that the opponents have a lot of good players, they are very fast, has a lot of very good players, we need to focus on." In the Bianzhen back three, Chelsea record, once the four game winning streak, in the meantime, scored 11 ball 0 ball, four consecutive games to complete zero seal, if we can beat Everton, Chelsea will then scored five game winning streak, and could be one of the top three standings. Diego Costa and Lukaku’s high-profile showdown last season, the FA Cup clash, DC the great red off, while Lukaku scored two, before the game, Costa is the top scorer of 8 goals to lead, and Lukaku also has 7 goals. In talking to Chelsea let go of small world of Warcraft will regret, Conti said, "no, No. We have Diego – Costa, his play is very fantastic, not only can score, but also to the team made a lot of contributions. I think Diego is a great player and it’s great to have him on the team. Lukaku is a very good player, very young, has made great progress, but I only discuss my players, I have to tell my players to feel satisfied, I also hope that Costa can continue, because he really is too strong." (smoke ring)