83Wide nets defending champion Jankovic difficult to win the final to defend (video)|Wide nets defending champion Jankovic difficult to win the final to defend (video)6

The wide network defending champion Jankovic difficult to win the final to the offensive and defensive war Cibulkova Ric Jankovic promotion network in the second round (this has nothing to do with the original video content, only read Jankovic) Xinhua News Agency Guangzhou September 23rd sports news (reporter Wang Haoming) WTA Guangzhou open 23 days of the semi-finals, the No. 2 seed and defending champion Jankovic beat two the plate win, and Ukraine’s final Suva greco. The women’s doubles, Chinese transnational combination player Peng Shuai and American players Mohammed 2:0 win over China player Liu Chang and Lu excellent combination, qualify for the finals. In their final opponent will be the combination of Belarus and Jiawoersuowa rapco. In the face of the No. 3 seed, Croatia kangniu, Jankovic experienced the most difficult fight. First, after Jankovic fourth to achieve break smooth security, leading to 4:1. But the key moment is not kangniu common people, winning three games, leveled the score 4:4. Then the two sides issued their own security, Jankovic Paul made successfully in the eleventh inning to lead 6:5 and the key of the twelfth, kangniu sudden collapse in the non insurance is not the case, Jankovic Glenealy four points, to win the first set 7:5. The second set, the two sides are still you come to me, breaking each opponent two serve, into the grab seven. Grab seven both sides again breaks the war, war to 7:7, Jankovic once again to achieve the key break get match point, and the hair done in one vigorous effort to win, to win the game lasted 1 hours and 46 minutes of the game. "Today’s game is really tough. I played well, I think kangniu play it well. Her ball is very heavy. I think kangniu should be one of the most powerful female player. Kangniu heavy ball, making it difficult for me to go back, it is difficult to play their own level. I tried my best to catch the ball, just a chance to attack. I am very happy to win today’s game, it is not easy to win." Jankovic said after the game. In another semi-final, Suva Greco to 6:4 and 6:2 in two straight sets victory over Estonia player Conta Witt and Jankovic reach the final. (end)