83There is no bank for the prime minister to cheat|There is no bank for the prime minister to cheat4

There is no bank for the prime minister to cheat? The sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Liu Tao banks is not the printing department of the company or the government poverty alleviation, but the enterprise legal person. First, the bank is the recipient of social deposits and the temporary custodian. In layman’s terms, most of the money is not the bank’s own money, from the source is the people’s money, therefore, the need for the interests of depositors bear the greatest responsibility. There is no bank for the prime minister to cheat? Recently, "China Times" published an interview with Li Zibin, President of the association of small and medium enterprises ("a letter to the prime minister"). According to reports, Prime Minister Lee, had worked for small and medium sized enterprises financing bank held a work conference, "everyone in the meeting said the prime minister would also score, take notes, then simply do not remember. The prime minister said, ‘how are you talking about the results, I do not see the following to do it’?" Personal understanding, the prime minister here may not be for the bank, but to all relevant parties raised a question. In other words, the prime minister is most concerned about the real solution to the problem of financing difficulties of small and medium enterprises, rather than the process of a sector, a financial industry stage, local results". But some media outlets, or for attracting eyeballs, directly will be subject to "bank fraud Li Keqiang questioned: I found that the small and medium-sized enterprise financing difficult", this is tantamount to the bank button on a roof can not bear the weight of "big hat". Thus, the problem has come: first, SME financing is still difficult? Second, there is no bank fraud? Third, the main responsibility for the financing of small and medium enterprises is not a bank? First, small and medium enterprises financing is still difficult? The answer is yes, yes! SME financing is a long-standing problem, for decades has not been effectively resolved, that is "big" problem is not too much. In the current global economic slowdown, external demand continued deterioration of the environment, our country will be in the "L" channel to the transformation and development of juncture, SME financing is not surprising. If at this point in the SME financing problem has disappeared, but it is worrying: the investment and financing needs of SMEs has been completely gone! In July 2016, Standard Chartered SME confidence index Chinese Chinese reflect the management of small and medium enterprises "(SMEI)" is June edged up 0.3 percentage points to 55.5%, but still significantly lower than the 57.8% in March and 58.7% in April and 57.3% in July of last year (which can eliminate seasonal factors). Sub index, credit index from 56.7% in April down to 52.3% in July, the lowest level since October 2014, that tighter credit conditions for SMEs, not only not improved, but further difficulties. Figure 1: the credit environment for small and medium-sized enterprises is still difficult from the reality of the situation, China’s small and medium-sized enterprises have shorter life cycle (the average life of only 2.5 years), anti risk ability is weak, lack of financial information, to provide qualified credit characteristics of the pledge, coupled with China’s credit system is not perfect)