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text / Wang Lisha

Liu, 34 years old, annual income of 180 thousand yuan, year-end awards 80 thousand yuan. Liu 30 years old, annual income of 150 thousand yuan, year-end awards 60 thousand yuan. Two couples have five social insurance and one housing fund company. Husband and wife married for 5 years, her daughter 4 years old, both parents are independent life, the annual maintenance fee totaling 40 thousand yuan.

couple two people living in two rooms, prices are 1 million 860 thousand yuan, there are 400 thousand yuan loans repaid in 10 years. 5 years of common wealth, including: cash 30 thousand yuan, 90 thousand yuan of deposits, treasury bonds 90 thousand yuan, 50 thousand of the fund, the stock 60 thousand yuan, 230 thousand yuan worth of cars.

< p > Mr. Liu couples see national policy allows gave birth to a second child, want to please financial planner planning helps, in view of the current family condition can raise two children grow up. What good advice, let Liu family members live comfortably.

Analysis of family property in

Liu, Mrs. Liu’s small family belonging to the growth period of the family, the need to assume the responsibility of supporting the elderly, raising the child’s responsibility, the work is to develop a prosperous period, in the direction of the development of climbing phase. At the same time, the family is gradually accumulated wealth, to a more affluent life.

< p > 2013 November 9, held the Third Plenary Session of the 18th to deepen the reform made 16, 60 major deployment, which in the reforming of the maternity start implementation of the party is the one-child couples can be two child family policy.

in considering their own situation, a couple of two people decided to have two children. To accomplish this goal without changing the existing standard of living of the family, first of all, need to analyze the balance and income and expenses of Mr. Liu’s family. See Table 1 ~ 3.

Table 1 Liu family assets and liabilities (unit: million)

the amount of assets and liabilities and equity amount

cash 3 credit card accounts payable 0

demand deposits 0 consumer credit 0

Monetary Fund 0 other consumer debt 0

liquid assets total 3 Consumer Liabilities Total 0

time deposit 9 industrial investment 0

bonds 9 financial investment loans 0

shares 6 real estate investment loans 0

fund 5 other investment liabilities 0

investment assets 29 total investment liabilities 0

personal property value 186 housing mortgage loans 40

own car 23 car mortgage loans 0

other personal liability 0