82Why is the country feather landslide so fast Cai Zhenhua it’s a problem with management|Why is the country feather landslide so fast Cai Zhenhua it’s a problem with management4

Why is the country feather landslide so fast? Cai Zhenhua: is the management of a new network – there are many unexpected problems in newspaper reporter Huang Zhiyang "this competition, the gold medal is very difficult, 5 projects are expected to match the China team encountered many challenges." The Rio Olympics Games, China badminton team head coach Li Yongbo said in a statement. As he said, as the advantages of the project team, the country feather overwhelmed to the "about" the overall performance is not satisfactory, the final harvest only 2 gold and 1 bronze, and the last Olympic Games won 5 gold, the downward trend is very obvious. States not only exposed the age structure of aging and other issues, and even criticized by the State Sports General Administration as internal management confusion". In the 5 Olympic Games was the worst performance of Rio, the last Olympic doubles champion Zhang Nan Zhao Yunlei eventually won only a bronze medal. In the grasp of the smallest men’s doubles and men’s singles, Fu Haifeng, Zhang Nan, Chen long each won a gold medal. The country feather finally with 2 gold and 1 bronze ending, hit the team in 5 Olympic Games the worst record, the number of medals is the least. The Rio Olympics, first deputy director of the State Sports General Administration Cai Zhenhua alluding to the country feather women’s volleyball China as unity and not tenacity, then director of the State Sports General Administration Liu Peng criticized the country feather, "poor performance and team management directly related." In fact, as early as 2014, when President Cai Zhenhua’s re-election Chinese Badminton Association had said, "the existence of hidden sports team, sustainable competitive strength is facing serious challenges." But after more than two years, a prophecy. On the management confusion, can be seen from the position of the Olympic Games Badminton players. Mixed doubles bronze medal after the war, Zhao Yunlei confirmed that she and Zhang Nan this former gold couple broke up, but did not disclose the reason. Zhao Yunlei had been a mixed doubles and women’s doubles and the reasons, but considering the physical coordination and two relations, the London Olympic Games women’s doubles champion Tian Qing Zhao Yunlei defeated in the battle of Rio before suddenly, the strength of less Luo Luo Yu instead win. The Luo’s sister went out in the group phase, veteran Yu Yang said, "they basically have the strength, I did not hold much hope for them, and they did not want to reach the final." As for the Tang Yuan? Yu Yang, semi-final loss after the depression; in the battle for the bronze medal, two people almost no communication, each playing each. Yu Yang even broke into a towel when he was in the office, shouting at the coach. After the game, Yu Yang said, young Tang Yuan? "She declare in no uncertain terms the mental state problem." For a series of abnormal performance of the country feather, Cai Zhenhua analysis: is the management of the problem, the lack of unity among athletes, athletes and coaches are also different. In the arena, in order to achieve the final victory, the team spirit is the foundation, has the unity to have the trust." Aging team sounded the alarm bell country record decline, and the aging team also has a relationship. The Olympic Games, the country feather still in London Olympic team for the team, 15 team members have 11 people took part in the last Olympic games. 4 years ago, the players in the age of 23 to 29 years old, each individual is in the peak period. Now, the average age of the team up to 28.3 years old.