82Most suspense Guangzhou Derby Hengda to complete the double Albert (video)|Most suspense Guangzhou Derby Hengda to complete the double Albert (video)6

Most suspense Guangzhou Derby Hengda oath to complete the double Albert [collection] 2-2 R & F tie break Harvey GalAT Hengda 2 ball Guangzhou Hengda and Guangzhou R & F Guangzhou Derby today on again. Because zhigenzhidi and the first leg of 2: the score of 2, the two sides in the FA Cup semi final round of the contest, will undoubtedly be the most recent suspense of the Guangzhou derby. First of all, from the perspective of Guangzhou hengda. The FA Cup semi-final first leg, Guangzhou Hengda and Guangzhou R & F in Tianhe Stadium 2: 2 draw, two Home Court conceded that Guangzhou Hengda in Yuexiu mountain comeback difficulty sharply. It is no exaggeration to say that the Guangzhou derby will be the most important game this season, Guangzhou Hengda can take the double crown. In the Super League, Guangzhou Hengda second leading Jiangsu Suning 6 points, although not a sleep without any anxiety advantage, with constant current state, Suning is perhaps the only chance to narrow the differential, anti – complete reversal to win, seems to be an impossible task. If you can break the cup in the FA Cup semi-finals of the pass, the next 5 rounds of the Guangzhou Hengda Super League played a morale boost. As for the return to the home court battle of Guangzhou R & F, in "relegation worries in the league, AFC Champions League hopeless" state, the FA Cup is the only pursuit of Guangzhou R & F, if won the FA Cup champion, but also get the qualification in AFC Champions League. Both sides of the war history, the two teams have victory or defeat. With two away goals back home, Guangzhou bodied just a game of 0: 0 or a draw of 1: 1, will be able to eliminate Guangzhou Evergrande Football Association Cup final. Guangzhou Hengda and Guangzhou R & F want to qualify for the FA Cup final desire is very strong, the Guangzhou R & F in order to inspire the team, out of 6 million yuan bonus promotion, if the FA Cup win bonus is as high as 20 million yuan; in September has harvested 24 million bonus to Guangzhou Evergrande, the team in the Mid Autumn Festival is hosted by the the boss Xu Jiayin, clearly put forward the complete double Albert dream. (Jing Bao reporter He Haibo)