82Insider Alonso will leave McLaren questioned the F1 rule is just an excuse.|Insider Alonso will leave McLaren questioned the F1 rule is just an excuse.9

Insider: Alonso will leave McLaren questioned F1 rules is just an excuse Fernando Alonso of sina sports news before the McLaren Jo Ramirez executives believe that the Spanish driver Fernando Alonso will leave mclaren. Alonso has repeatedly said that if the new rules in 2017 under the actual feeling of the car can not make him happy, he will leave the F1 stadium. But in the Jo Ramirez view, Alonso is not satisfied with McLaren’s competitiveness. Jo Ramirez in Spain, "AS" said: "this is very painful. McLaren’s research has been in progress, but the speed is too slow." "They’re losing sponsors, and they’re going to lose Alonso. This matter cannot be compromised. He’s a winning driver, he has to win." "I don’t think he’ll be able to last another year. I believe it’s his endurance." "I think McLaren this year should be to be on the podium, even for winning races. They must find a way to do it, because McLaren next year will be the last chance." "I think they’re improving, because you know, the problem is not just the engine. The engine is not the best, but I don’t think the chassis is the best. So they must grasp with McLaren and Honda, both as a team to work closely to keep Alonso." (sina sports racing channel Swift)