82Cishiping by a crazy woman continued harassment who is so bold|Cishiping by a crazy woman continued harassment who is so bold3

Cishiping by a crazy woman continued harassment who is so bold? The tough guy cishiping had to ask the judge to protect sina sports news Beijing time on September 22nd, according to the TMZ website, cishiping NBA is a famous guy, but he was faced with a more horizontal person. Due to the long time by a mad woman’s threats and harassment, the world peace had to seek help from the police. It is understood that cishiping has been reported to the Losangeles police, and said a man named Camille Shakespeare – schacks the strange woman begins by e-mail to launch a series of harassment of cishiping from 2015. Cishiping also revealed that he and his family has been a crazy woman threat, the woman not only attack cishiping personal belongings (house and car), and was waiting outside the school cishiping children school. At present, the world peace has been granted a ban on the woman. Ci Shiping said, the woman sent him e-mail containing a lot of violence, she also threatened to attack the cishiping car, accused cishiping raped women and with a knife threatened cishiping personally. These contents are reflected in the level metta world to the court file. Cishiping also claimed that the woman had a brick through the window into his home, but also his punctured tyre. In addition, the woman had also attacked the world peace 19 year old daughter, and outside the school waiting for the son of the world peace day after school, daughter of the age of 13. Obviously, this series of madness for guy cishiping feel afraid, so he asked the judge to let the crazy woman distance between himself and his family "far". In the end, the court asked the woman to be at least 91 meters away from all the places (home, workplace, and children’s school) required by Tzu chi. A hearing on the case will be held later this month. (Rosen)