82Beijing arrived in advance to prepare for the war Zhai Xiaochuan Xinjiang do not stimulate|Beijing arrived in advance to prepare for the war Zhai Xiaochuan Xinjiang do not stimulate7

Beijing Xinjiang for early arrival Zhai Xiaochuan: Xinjiang no incentive to face old rival Zhai Xiaochuan to go Xinjiang Beijing morning news (reporter   Liu Chen; CBA) the first round of the "tomorrow Beijing Xinjiang war" stage, Beijing Shougang basketball yesterday, travel to Urumqi, in order to have more time to adapt to the road. Prior to departure, coach Min Lulei said that the two teams had played against each other, despite many difficulties in the road, but the team will be difficult to meet. It took nearly 4 hours to fly from Beijing to Urumqi, so the Shougang team decided to start yesterday, so as to make a more reasonable arrangement for pre match training and other preparations. Yesterday morning, the team in the Shougang Basketball Center before the start of the last practice. Zhang Songtao made a circle of friends to go to the airport on the way scenery, and with a fist gas face. Shougang officers and men, the new season began. Open class this week on talk about this war, min Shuai said: "the Xinjiang team is a team, it is generally accepted that this year is the (first) away. But every year and the Xinjiang team to play, play early and late to play, and whether it is home or away, both sides have a victory or defeat, the outcome of the game is difficult to predict, we will go all out." In the face of old opponents, how to motivate the players? Zhai Xiaochuan’s answer is: "I think this is not how to motivate, after the end of the season we have been preparing for the new season this summer, everyone worked hard, we fall just where to start from where, to do their own thing, do the coach arranged things to like."