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James: do not see the peak period in which his own efforts break questioned – Sohu sports   NBA finals last season, James led team defeated the warriors, helping Cleveland for the first ever championship, with a successful small emperor crushed questioned. Yesterday morning, the State Sports General Administration of the basketball hall, James and Chinese youth basketball training team training, personally for the young players to share experience and demonstration, training methods, encourage them to accept the challenge, to prove himself. The actual continuous penalty James helplessly shook his head James training is scheduled for the morning of 9 at the start, but about 8:30, there are a lot of fans waiting for the training hall. Beginning of the training, the American coach group with China basketball youth training team warm-up, James in the next training site. At 9:50, James walked into the hall, and the player, coach us one by one clap. Training is entirely in accordance with the U.S. coach’s plan, James full participation. At the beginning, is simple weaved Paowei after the shooting, James basically is to pass Chinese players. Subsequently, training more screens, cut down. See China players to complete a beautiful pass or shoot James and they will vigorously clap to encourage. In a set of cross screen after the fixed point shooting training, the coach asked the 4 points of the shot at least 3, or the group of players will be run back and forth punishment. James and the same group of players, each shot is 4 or 4 in the 1, after a few penalties, the knight boss can not help but shake his head. Later in the training, the coach arranged 3 pairs of 3 and 4 against the 4 training. Whether it is offensive or defensive, James is the real thing. The other a player holding the ball in the basket back, he will be hard to top up, do not give any chance to the opponent, opponents prepared from attacking the basket, he would slap the racket out of bounds. After the training, James in the venue to encourage Chinese players, I came to China 12 times, every year to see progress. I am very happy to be here, with my influence and experience to help you become a better player." The sound of their own efforts to break the question of James this year, China’s schedule is full of dangdang. Two days to Beijing, he almost lianzhouzhuan. At noon, James appeared Park Hyatt Hotel interviewed. These years James has been in the occupation career peak period, his team always run to the finals. However, when asked about the peak of his career, James said, I can not see where my peak period, all I have to do is keep trying to climb up." James believes that as long as the continuous efforts, progress, adhere to training, you can climb the so-called peak. Last season, the Cavaliers won the championship, but this summer, the warriors get Durant, the strength has increased. What are the goals of James and Cleveland in the new season? Can they defend their title? "Our goal is to continue to win, and I will work with my teammates and coaches." James said that no matter how the opponent changed, the knight and his goal will not change. in