81BWF ranking Li Zongwei beat Chen long Lin Dan country feather only 1 single topped|BWF ranking Li Zongwei beat Chen long Lin Dan country feather only 1 single topped7

BWF ranking: Li Zongwei beat Chen long Lin Dan country feather only 1 single topped Chen long in the Olympic Games men’s singles final Li Zongwei win the title (information) Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 8th, the International Badminton Federation announced the latest world rankings, only a single Chinese ranked first, that is Zhang Nan Zhao Yunlei mixed doubles. The men’s singles, Li Zongwei continues to rank first, Chen long and Lin Dan separated two or three. The women’s singles, the Olympic champion, Spain’s Malone ranked first. Although Chen Long defeated Li Zongwei won the Olympic champion, but there is not a small gap with Malaysia’s. In addition, Lin Dan ranked third, is also a great gap and Chen long. Chinese men’s singles players to enter the top 10 there, Tian Wei, he ranked sixth. Badminton men’s singles rankings in singles from feather in the Olympic Games, the Olympic champion Li Xuerui Marin ranked first, ranked second, Chinese players, Wang Yihan Wang Shixian ranked fourth, ranked sixth. In addition, the Japanese star Okuhara hopes to rank third. Men’s doubles, Fu Haifeng Zhang Nan won the only gold medal in the feather of the Rio Olympics, they ranked second in the world at present, and the first Lee Yong Dae Liu Yanxing and Biaohong Wei Chai gap, ranked fourth. The women’s doubles, Yu Yang Tang Yuanting ranked second in the world, whereas Yu Yang has announced his retirement, Tang Yuanting will certainly and other players re combination, this combination of the ranking will continue to decline. Japan’s combination of high bridge pine song friends of the first rank. Mixed doubles is the country feather only ranked first in the world of the individual, Zhang Nan Zhao Yunlei only won a bronze medal in the Olympic Games in Rio, but the world is still ranked first. It is worth mentioning that, Zhao Yunlei is also considering whether to retire. (Zhou Kai)