811, NBA shot teenager back in March – Sohu sports Nets coach candidates emerge|11, NBA shot teenager back in March – Sohu sports Nets coach candidates emerge

March 11 NBA: gunshot teenager comeback Nets coach candidates emerge – Sohu Sports & nbsp; Klee Anthony – erly Beijing time on January 11, the 2015-16 season NBA regular season continued and inside and outside the stadium, there are a lot of news worthy of attention. The following is the NBA today news summary: gunshot teenager in New York March comeback from the New York Post reported, according to sources, the Knicks players Chris Anthony – erly is possible in a three month time resurfaces. Early in December 31, 2015 last year, a night club in New York shot, right knee injury. This event, but also in the United States triggered a high degree of attention in the basketball circle. Fortunately, the early injury is not serious. A friend of the early said, "is he feeling better now, he’ll be fine…… This may be the best result, the injury will not have any impact on his career, he also did not appear structural damage and infection." As a 2014 second round picks, this season, early in the Knicks playing time is not much, he are played 3.4 min, 0.7 0.2 rebounds. Mozgov respond to touch the bottom events from the American media reports, before, Knight away 125-99 victory over the Timberwolves game. The Knight Center Mozgov once inbounds, was the scene of a male fans touched my ass. Today, Mozgov himself also expressed his views on the incident, someone touched me about…… My English is not very good, so may say awkward words…… At that time the game was still going on, I had to get the ball out, so that the game to continue, so right…… But I still look back at that guy, he was smiling at me, and I don’t know why he touched me." It is understood that the current Knight of the relevant departments are investigating the matter, and further understanding of the relevant circumstances. Van Gundy had kinder words all star votes today earlier, Detroit coach Stan van Gundy in an interview and take the initiative to his disciple Reggie Jackson started the all star votes. "I think Jackson should (selected)… I had said that day, he is in the squad, the biggest obstacle, mainly because their position, because now it seems, Owen was voted in as a starter, in addition and wall and Teague, their last season’s all star, and now also played well. " This season so far, Reggie Jackson, now firmly established as the main piston control bit, his games are played 31.2 minutes, with 19.9 points and 6.4 assists and 4 rebounds. And in addition to Reggie, Van Gundy believes that center Drummond also can be selected to the all star. Paul hope Griffin returned today, through the 114-111 overtime win over the Clippers home court pelican. After the game, headed star Paul – Chris also published his own view, yesterday’s game, we shoot well, but everyone’s good defense to help us win the game…… Today our defense is not so good, but fortunately, we adhere to the end, we accept such a victory…… But at number 32 (Blake -.