80The speed skating League Ma Xingguang Zhang Qichao become double|The speed skating League Ma Xingguang Zhang Qichao become double0

The speed skating League Ma Xingguang Zhang Qichao become double Ma Xingguang in November 6th is a national short track speed skating League second station (Changchun Railway Station) the last day of the season. Changchun team of Ma Xingguang and Zhang Qichao respectively in men and women 1000 meters has become double. Women’s 1000 meters, Heilongjiang, Monica and Li Hongshuang to enter the final of the players, in addition, as well as Changchun’s players, she had a gold medal in the previous two meters in the harvest has been 1500 meters in the. Liu Yang from Qingdao is also impressive, once into the national team, the world cup. The final competition is very intense, Li Hongshuang in the collision and the collision of the former, the latter fell, the final 1 minutes and 56 seconds to finish the race 811, bronze medal. Li Hongshuang was disqualified for a foul. Zhang Qichao took the lead in 1 minutes and 34 seconds to finish the race, won the gold medal, which is her gold medal in the game, Monica got the silver medal, the score of 1 minutes and 35 seconds 106, second. The men’s 1000 meters champion was also Changchun players, Ma Xingguang to 1 points 26 seconds 236 won the tournament second gold, win in the 9 round in the chase before him. Yang Shuai of the people’s Liberation Army, silver, Qingdao, and the Heilongjiang, then the three or four of the top of the list is the name of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army (PLA) ‘s regret to pick up the silver on the other side of the board of directors of the. The women’s 3000 metre relay, Jilin team with 4 points 24 seconds 058 won, two PLA team and the Heilongjiang team ranked two or three. PLA first team foul cancel. Men’s 5000 meters relay, Harbin, a team of 7 minutes and 10 seconds to win the championship, Jilin, a team of second, score of 7 minutes and 11 seconds, Heilongjiang ranked first in the team, the first team in the top fourth in the team,, a team of 575 in the first half of the year, and the team is in the first place in the world. The men’s team is the first one in the world. It is the 963 meter relay. (speed skating camp)