80Davies his father obsessed with billiards had hate Hendry|Davies his father obsessed with billiards had hate Hendry8

Davies: Father himself had "hated" crazy billiard Hendry Steve – Davies sina sports news Beijing on November 13th news, CCTV "Fengyun" show interviews recently retired snooker legend Steve Davies, just ten minutes of the interview, Davies tells the story of many unknown journey to his 38 years of career. Davies announced his retirement at the end of this year’s World Championships, ending his 38 year long career. When asked why the decision to retire, Davies was relieved, he said: "retirement is an easy decision, first of all, my grades were in decline, which is driven by the key factor I retired. In addition, I have not been among the top players in the world, if it has been lost, it is difficult to maintain the inner enthusiasm. The third is the main reason for the death of his father, his father and himself as a team, but his death also let the team fall apart." People often talked about Davies, impressed me most is his long 38 years of occupation career, and led him to embark on the road of snooker is the father of Davies, Davies said: "my father is very lucky to love snooker, otherwise I won’t touch it so early." When asked about from that moment really love snooker, Davies recalls: "the first station in the standard table, let oneself really feel the charm of snooker, began to stop. Snoke and his father go to the club every week, that is, from then on, he really turned from a hobby into a passion and obsession with Snoke." In 80s, Davies snooker career peak period, during which he for six consecutive years to maintain the first position in the world, won the championship 22 times 48 times ranking tournament, the 8 reached the world championship final to win the 6 time. Despite the victory, but when it comes to the most impressive game, Davies mentions his own experience of losing. In the 1985 World Championships final, Davies Denis – Taylor in the face of the enemy. In the good situation of opening 8-0 the way ahead, Davies let the opponent will ruin a good bureau, the total score to 17. The key in the decider, Davies and the black handle make a fatal mistake, but lost the match. However, the game has set a record in the UK, according to statistics, a total of 18 million 500 thousand British viewers watched the finals next to the tv. For this experience, Davies recalls: "this is one of my most painful defeat, but also the history of the most classic battle of snooker." Is different with the adversary in 80s is that in 90s, Hendry, O’Sullivan and the strength of star started pouring in, it also let Davies heart anguish. He said: "80s was my time, but I was disgusted with 90s." He regards it as the world’s first negative, because there will be more pursuers behind you. He said at the time of his inner anguish, as if the hands can not grasp the wall, not to go down." So is Davies’s world ranking