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"8.6" water accident caused 1 million 400 thousand people in Nanchang affected 9 people were accountable – Beijing, Beijing, August 30 Nanchang Xinhua (reporter Wang Jian) the results of the survey of Nanchang City Administration issued 30 this month in Nanchang "8.6" water incident, accident investigation team, dismissed and dismissed by the supervisory department. The implementation of strict disciplinary accountability measures on 9 related responsible persons. Informed that in August 6th 20 to August 7th 15, the old city of Nanchang city appear a large area without water, more than 140 people in Nanchang city water is inconvenient for up to 19 hours, attracted the attention of the general public and the media. After the accident, the Nanchang municipal government attaches great importance to the municipal Party committee and municipal government leaders made important instructions, requiring the relevant departments involved in the investigation immediately, identify the responsibility, learn the lesson. August 11th, approved by the Nanchang Municipal People’s government, Nanchang set up headed by the Municipal Work Safety Supervision Bureau, to participate in the municipal procuratorate, the Municipal Federation of trade unions, the SASAC, Xihu District Safety Supervision Bureau, Xihu District Public Security Bureau of the "8.6" the old town of Nanchang City, a large area of water general accident investigation group. Accident investigation team through in-depth and detailed investigation, has been identified after the accident occurred, the reasons for the accident identified as a general production safety accident. Although the direct cause of the accident is due to equipment failure of power supply line Qingyun waterworks operation, and the spare line in the municipal construction dug not timely maintenance in place, resulting in two power cables and power outages, can not guarantee the electricity caused by water pumping stations. Fully exposed the relevant staff is not strong sense of responsibility, barbaric construction, safety management personnel safety consciousness, lack of management, the security risks found no detailed investigation and rectification, but laissez faire risks persist. Informed that, in the face of unexpected situations, poor response measures, improper disposal, resulting in a large area of the city for a long time inconvenience. Therefore, according to the relevant laws and regulations, the accident responsibility unit Hongseong water industry group and Jiangxi based urban construction development company respectively shall be given financial penalties, dismissal, dismissal, and made by the supervisory departments in the implementation of the disciplinary strict accountability measures of 9 responsible personnel. (end)相关的主题文章: