7Washington Metro Line will be closed for 29 hours overhaul of cross connect cable – the new network|Washington Metro Line will be closed for 29 hours overhaul of cross connect cable – the new network

Washington Metro line outage hours and 29 maintenance jumper cable – net new Beijing, Washington, March 15, Washington Metro Company general manager Paul? Visconti Rumsfeld announced on the 15th, Washington Metro system will from the line between the hours of local time on March 16 at 0:00 on the 17th March 5 outage. Washington Metro will take advantage of this time on the subway all over the cable to overhaul. Evans Jack, chairman of the Washington Metro Company, said it was the first time since the subway was put into operation in Washington, DC, for the first time because of non weather causes. 14 this month, the morning of the Washington subway station in Mcpherson square, a cable caught fire, but did not cause casualties. This incident led to the closure of the subway station, the way the station’s number of subway lines affected. Vedin Field, 15, said the subway staff after inspection found that the incident occurred in January last year, the children’s Square Station Smoke events have similarities. To exclude security risks, the Washington Metro Company decided to 29 hours in the outage period for all 600 cross connect cable for maintenance. In January 12th last year, the Washington subway station in children’s Square smoke, led to a 61 year old woman was killed, more than a passenger due to smoke inhalation and symptoms of discomfort. Subsequent investigations revealed that the main cause of this incident was the aging and failure of the jumper cables. Washington subway traffic in the United States ranked second, there are more than 700 thousand people a day to choose Washington subway travel. But because of equipment, vehicle aging, Washington often delays in the subway, part of the outage, etc.. Washington Metro system currently has 6 lines, a total of 91 stations. It’s an important public transportation system in Washington, D. Virginia and Maryland. Some media is expected, the Washington Metro line outage will bring huge pressure on Washington’s ground traffic. By then, the bus is also likely to be crowded situation. (end)