7The reputation of the DPRK has restarted the plutonium reactor currently has 20 nuclear bombs or|The reputation of the DPRK has restarted the plutonium reactor currently has 20 nuclear bombs or

The reputation of the DPRK has been restarted plutonium reactor at present or have 20 nukes Reference News Network February 11 reports & nbsp; foreign media said that the US director of national intelligence, 9 on behalf of the intelligence agencies of a major threat facing the United States for annual assessment says North Korea has expanded a uranium enrichment facilities and restart a in a few weeks or a few months after the start needed materials plutonium reactor for extraction of nuclear weapons. According to the Associated Press reported on February 9, James & middot; clapper said, Pyongyang 2013 announced plans to renovate and restart nuclear facilities in everywhere, including in Yongbyon uranium enrichment facility and in 2007 closed the plutonium production reactor. The US intelligence community estimates that North Korea has expanded its nuclear facilities and restarted plutonium production reactors there, said the US intelligence community. Clapper told the Senate Armed Services Committee, said North Korea to run the reactor have been long enough, has been able to "in the weeks to months after" began to extract plutonium. The two found will deepen people’s worries: North Korea not only in recent underground explosions and rocket launching in the nuclear weapons program has made technological progress, is still committed to expand according to the letters already have a small arsenal of nuclear weapons. Some experts in the United States estimate that North Korea may already have about 10 nuclear bombs, but by 2020, it could have increased to 20 by 100. Pyongyang is also committed to developing a long-range missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons and pose a direct threat to the United States, "said the". Kyodo News Agency reported in February 9th that the right to refer to the U.S. intelligence agency confidential material Senator Diane · 9, said van, North Korea may have as many as 20 uranium and plutonium made nuclear bombs. The Democratic senator in the select Intelligence Committee held a hearing said: "we know that they (North Korea) currently has 10 to 20 pieces of uranium and plutonium weapons." She is likely to be the latest assessment of the U.S. government’s state of Pyongyang’s nuclear program. Some North Korean experts in the United States predicted a year ago that North Korea may have up to 16 nuclear weapons. According to Yonhap News reported on February 10th, 10, the South Korean government decided to suspend the operation of the Kaesong industrial park. South Korean Unification Ministry official said on the same day, North Korea ignored South Korea and the international community’s repeated warnings, following the nuclear test also test fired a long-range missile, which is intolerable provocation. In view of this, South Korea decided to stop the operation of the city industrial zone from now on. The official said that despite North Korea’s repeated nuclear test and launched armed provocation, South Korea is still stable development of Kaesong industrial park and build it into line with the international standard industrial zone and efforts. In North Korea has initiated provocation of South Korea’s national security, the Korean peninsula peace, enterprise business activities pose a threat to South Korea believes to ensure the normal operation of the industrial area. Yonhap Feb. 10, reports said that South Korean military, a relevant person 10, said, as a response to the North Korean launch long-range missiles, Han Jun in the inter Korean border area deployment vehicle sound amplification equipment, toward the sound amplifying loudspeaker. The source said that the 7 day launch in North korea.