7The plan wave detection engineering projects are China local gravity – Beijing|The plan wave detection engineering projects are China local gravity – Beijing

Local gravitational wave detection project "Lyra plan" is project – Beijing in Beijing, Guangzhou, February 12 (Xu Qingqing) time of Beijing of February 11, 23 point 30 points, the National Science Foundation (NSF) announced human first direct detection of gravitational waves, and confirms the predictions of Einstein. Reporters on the 12th from Zhongshan University in Guangzhou, Chinese major gravitational wave detection project "Lyra plan" has been in July 2015 officially launched, research on Key Technologies of existing concrete progress, is currently the project. According to reports, Sun Yat sen University "Lyra plan" is to the study of gravitational waves as the center, to carry out space gravitational wave detection task plan to advance research, develop Chinese space gravitational wave detection implementation plan and roadmap, and carry out research of key technologies. According to the previous idea, "Lyra" mainly will be divided into four stage implementation: first phase of lunar satellite laser ranging system, large laser gyro Lyra plan ground support facilities; the completion of the second phase no drag control, spaceborne laser interference test instrument and other key technology and space equivalent principle experiment test; the third stage complete high precision inertial sensing, inter satellite laser ranging, etc. the key technology validation, and global gravity field measurement; all the space gravitational wave detection are the key technology for completion of the fourth stage, emission three star in high earth orbit satellite for the detection of gravitational waves. Completed all four sub programs, about twenty years, the investment of about 15 billion yuan. According to reports, the Zhuhai campus of the Zhongshan University will build the "ground research infrastructure required for the lyran plan". Zhongshan University President Luo Jun had previously revealed that the school will dig a cave in Lantau Peak, Zhuhai campus, the establishment of the cave super static laboratory. In addition, the laser ranging ground station infrastructure construction has been started, some key technical research has also been specific progress. "We’re going to have a space, three satellites that are connected by a laser to detect the presence of gravitational waves."." The European scientists first detected the gravitational waves, confirmed Einstein’s prediction, for the implementation of the "Lyra" how? Sun Yat sen University astronomy and Space Science Research Institute president Li Miao said, "this is just beginning of human detection of gravitational waves, because this discovery only may radiate gravitational waves for many kinds of source in a, namely the merger of two black hole system, and in the Milky way outside." Li Miao introduction, China is currently in the gravitational wave research, mainly Hu Wenrui scientists will take part in the European gravitational wave detection ELISA project, and Zhongshan University "Lyra" is Chinese major gravitational wave detection project is currently advancing. Has not yet been approved by the government departments, the current can not be established in the future development direction. It is understood, "Lyra" will need to 100 or so faculty groups, four or five hundred research, engineering and technical personnel and postdoctoral. To this end, Zhongshan University, previously released recruitment revelation, for the global recruitment of talent. Li Miao said that the discovery of gravitational waves, will further stimulate the progress of research in various countries around the world, the gravitational wave research program will soon push forward, China