7The New Zealand Police drug was shot and injured 4 officers|The New Zealand Police drug was shot and injured 4 officers

New Zealand Police anti drug, was gunned down by four policemen were injured in the original title: New Zealand Police anti drug operations, was gunned down lead to four people injured in Beijing, March 9, according to foreign media reports, 9, New Zealand Police anti drug operations being shot, resulting in four policemen were injured, one of the serious injury, but stable condition and three other people not life-threatening. Reported that the incident occurred in the New Zealand North Island town of kawerau, police in anti drug operations, a plane suffered shooting. Police subsequently dispatched armed criminal groups involved in the operation of the group of 4 police officers in the middle of the gun. New Zealand deputy sheriff Clement said the shooter was only one person, but he did not provide more details. He also said that although the criminals also opened fire on the plane, but the crew are safe and sound. Reported that the New Zealand ordinary police do not carry weapons, armed crime team as an exception. The shooting spree in 1990, in 1992 to strengthen the barrel law. However, any New Zealand people over the age of 16 as long as the completion of a security program, you will be able to buy and use a pistol. Editor: Liu Debin SN222