7The female teacher with teaching lesson after fracture does not fall (Figure)|The female teacher with teaching lesson after fracture does not fall (Figure)

Fracture of female teachers in Colleges and universities after injuries to teach a lesson not to fall (Figure) female teacher injured adhere to the class Qin Shigang photo original title: can’t miss a class does not fall on the fracture of Wuhan University female teacher after injured class lead heat discussion Jingchu net news (reporter Dong Yuxiong correspondents leilei of thunder) on February 25, a teacher oblique on the desk, the crooked body to students in class a picture became popular in the network, netizens are calling for the most dedicated teacher. The fracture still insisted injured the teacher, Wuchang Institute of Ideological and political education department director of the Department of teacher Hu Yan. 24 evening, Hu Yan at home accidentally falls caused by fracture of coccyx, the doctor advised her to rest for 3 months. After the injury, the most worried about how to do the students after the injury Hu Yan most worried about is that the class can not be, and the students do not have the agreement can not be honored, will not affect the students’ learning progress? She is director of the teaching and research section, but also bear the other administrative work and teaching assessment tasks, Hu Yan did not tell anyone that he was injured in the morning on time to attend the class meeting. After the meeting, the school thought political course, deputy director of the Department of Hechun Tao that the injury, put forward to be the courses subcontracted to other teachers and teacher Hu declined. "Course arrangement, I have been in the beginning of the school, the teachers are very full." Hu Yan frankly, not because of their own personal reasons to the students and other colleagues caused by the burden. "The substitute teacher is to find, but the teacher did not like me familiar with each student’s situation. The children just to my teaching, I suddenly change, do not worry." Hu Yan said. Do not fall to complete the teaching lesson with 13:45, Hu Yan appeared in the school classroom teaching 102 3. Due to the action inconvenience, Hu teacher can only lean against the desk, with his left hand leaning on the table to support the body of the body. 2 class down, Hu teacher back is full of sweat. "In class and the students interact, but also a little transfer of my pain." Mr. Hu, the Monday class was in the class arrangement too. This lesson to please two class committee as a "news broadcast", as the achievement of students in peacetime assessment, so you can’t miss. "Outline of Chinese modern history of the course and the combination is tight, the interactive teaching method, students participate in a higher degree." Hu Yan said. In the school, Hu is responsible for the lesson, the application of law, mental health, China’s modern history, such as the outline of the 4 courses, there are 9 major classes a week. "Tomorrow afternoon is the 4 class. I’m sure I can come." She promises to the students. Injured in the class photo red caused by hot Hu injured class photos sent to online, attracted many students to hot. 2014 level computer science class 1 Tang Zhi Hui said, class teacher Hu injuries, more is touched, teachers usually class is relaxed and humorous, we thought, can only to focus listening to lectures to repay teacher pay. 2013 English class 3 students Ding Huifang said, big time on teacher Hu class. Whenever she lectures, the classroom will be able to sit almost full, in a high reputation among students. "There is such a good teacher, we are embarrassed not to work hard." 2012 class advertising 2 Fan Xinyu students said, Hu Yi