7The Australian high court behind the overseas detention refugees legally – Sohu news|The Australian high court behind the overseas detention refugees legally – Sohu news

The high court of Australia behind "overseas custody" refugees: is a legal behavior – Sohu News [Global Times special correspondent Yu] the high court of Australia on 3 ruled that said the government will be illegal refugee detention in overseas to set up refugee detention centre is legal. According to the Sydney Morning Herald reported on 3, the Australian High Court on the day of the detention of a legal challenge to the detention of refugees. The high court’s ruling means including 37 infants, 250 illegal refugees may be sent to set up in the Pacific island nation of Nauru refugee detention centre. According to the provisions of the Australian government, any from the sea by boat arrived in Australia to apply for asylum, will be sent to established in Nauru and manus island in Papua New Guinea refugee detention centre. The Australian government has paid millions of dollars to the local government to establish the center. A legal challenge to the Australian government is a female refugee of Bangladesh nationality. She came to Australia from Nauru refugee center in 2014. She said that she was afraid to Nauru, because where the refugees suffer from mental and physical harm, even being raped, accommodation is also very poor. There are refugees, said the detention center is a prison. The Bangladesh refugee said that the Australian government will be their detention center in the practice of overseas detention center in violation of the constitution". Human rights groups and the United Nations on the policy of the United Nations to put forward a strong criticism, there are Australian politicians also said that the children’s detention in Nauru is not safe. Senator Hansen said, "this is the first time to test the new prime minister. He will let these refugee children get safe, or throwing them back into the prison in Nauru?" Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) 3, commented that the Australian conservative government and the tough stance against refugee asylum, the high court’s ruling is a major victory. Despite pressure from human rights groups and the United Nations, the Australian government has not made concessions. Australian Prime Minister Turnbull, 3, said the government is committed to combating human trafficking, the need to draw the red line, and the red line is our border line". He said the high court’s ruling is in line with the constitution. BBC said the polls show that the Australian government is designed to prevent illegal refugees arriving in Australia’s policy by the widespread support of voters.