7Supreme released 2015 10 intellectual property case Yao v. Yu Zheng — the rule of law, peopl|Supreme released 2015 10 intellectual property case Yao v. Yu Zheng — the rule of law, peopl

The supreme law released in 2015 10 intellectual property case & nbsp; Qiong Yao’s appeal to the positive case selected – the rule of law, the PRC People’s net Hangzhou, April 21 (reporter Li Jing), the Supreme People’s court today in Hangzhou, Zhejiang released in 2015 China court 10 intellectual property cases and 50 typical intellectual property cases, Qiong Yao’s appeal to the positive case selected. It is reported that supreme law according to the higher people’s court recommended, combined with 2015 the Supreme People’s court for adjudication of intellectual property cases, selected the 2015 China court 10 intellectual property cases and 50 typical intellectual property cases. And the list of these cases and typical cases issued for the people’s courts at all levels in the work of intellectual property trial reference. The Supreme People’s court Intellectual Property Tribunal song Xiaoming at the press conference the intellectual property cases and typical case said that 2015 intellectual property adjudication has taken on a new look: the one is the case number continues to grow. As of the end of 2015, the national court of new types of new intellectual property rights of first instance 130200 cases, an increase of 11.73% compared to 2014. Of first instance concluded 123059 IPR cases, an increase of 11.68%. Which concluded a civil cases of first instance 101324, rose 7.22%; a trial of administrative cases concluded 10926, rise compared to the same period 123.57%; concluded involving intellectual property rights in the criminal trial of 10809 cases, compared to the same period basic flat. From the point of view of regional distribution of cases, the number of Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong five provinces were recruited continued to run high, the new intellectual property civil trial the number of cases in the court of the total cases of 70% accounted for about. Two is the patent and technical class cases increased rapidly, involving cutting-edge technology, the difficult and complicated cases continue to increase. 2015, the people’s Court of new patents and technical contract civil cases of first instance 13087, an increase of 22.1%. With the implementation of China’s market economy development and innovation driven development strategy, involving complex technical fact finding technique in such cases, especially communication, pharmaceutical and other cutting-edge technology patent infringement dispute case, the patent invalid administrative disputes involving, relating to technical cooperation development, application technology achievements of technology contract disputes will continue to increase. Three unfair competition cases increased significantly, involving the Internet or computer technology unfair competition cases and intellectual property infringement cases are more prominent. 2015, new cases of unfair competition in the first instance of civil cases 2181 cases (including 156 cases of monopoly civil cases), an increase of 53.38%. Among them, along with the development of Internet economy and business model innovation, especially with the implementation of the "Internet plus" action plan, the number of cases of unfair competition involving the Internet continues to grow, because the network application of patent infringement, trademark infringement and infringement of computer software and other intellectual property infringement cases more and more. Four is involved in the protection of well-known brands and market share of trademark disputes, the copyright infringement dispute cases involving the famous film and television works, and also increased, causing great social concern. Five is to continue to strengthen the protection of. Song xiao;