7Sichuan 8 migrant workers pay talks was once a public trial with the police to the municipal governm|Sichuan 8 migrant workers pay talks was once a public trial with the police to the municipal governm

Sichuan eight please migrant workers pay public trial has been relying on the police to open trial site, the original title of municipal government (Figure): Langzhong court held a public sentencing conference: eight Taoxin migrant workers containment area door was sentenced on March 16, Langzhong City People’s court in Langzhong City, Jiangnan Town, open verdict along with obstruction of official business case, eight defendants were sentenced to 6 – 8 months imprisonment, of which two probation. So far, the migrant workers in the local blockbuster Taoxin evolution is the obstruction of official events dust settles, eight defendants on his own irrational behavior of regret, the incident has once again sounded the alarm about the rights of rational. Open trial field event review Taoxin without disturbing the order in 2015 August 29, hundreds of workers gathered in Langzhong City, a commercial housing projects arrears to ask the wages to no avail, a large number of migrant workers in Zhang, Qi an incitement to Langzhong City, the famous scenic spots nanjinguan Town, and blocked the main gate of the scenic area, visitors are not allowed to import and, hope in this way to the government pressure to ask for wages. Jiangnan police station received a public warning immediately organized the police rushed to the scene, taking into account many workers emotional, in order to avoid the occurrence of larger mass incidents, the police on behalf of a persuasion in the presence of migrant workers Jo, a European et al to rights in accordance with the law, the open channel, convenient for visitors to travel, and to point out the correct ways to protect the rights. In this process, a large number of migrant workers do not listen to discourage, Zhang, Qi a disarray booing, lied to police beat, and inciting Jo, a European et al. Will the police on behalf of a surrounded, pulling, pushing, and forced to hostage to the city government, in an attempt to force the government to put pressure on developers. Along the way, attracting a large number of residents, was caused by seven Avenue, Batu Avenue, traffic jams, chaos. Website screenshot of the court trial the defendant regret after the incident, Langzhong City Public Security Bureau immediately mobilized police, timely and stability control live scene and Jo, Dong A, and Europe in a three people arrested. Zhang in the public security organs are fugitives online, in September 10, 2015 to the public security organs voluntarily surrender. The other four suspects in the police received a telephone contact, active surrender. Later, song and a European family door several times to injured police on behalf of an apology, police behavior of two people expressed understanding. Subsequently, the prosecution believes that Zhang and other 8 people’s behavior is bad, to the public prosecution of the crime of obstruction of public prosecution. The 8 defendants in the trial process, the circumstances of the crime confessed, has no objection to the charges. Court after hearing that eight defendants to violence to hinder the functionary of a state organ to perform official duties according to law, for a long time in the traffic arteries to the police holding, seriously disrupting the management order of society. Therefore, its behavior has constituted the crime of obstruction of official business. Zhang Qi, an organization and inciting trouble of migrant workers is the main culprit, Jo, a European, 6 people to auxiliary, a secondary role, is an accomplice. Comprehensive eight defendants circumstances of the crime, social harm and the guilty, repentance attitude, the court finally decided to of eight defendants lighter punishment and sentenced to six to eight months imprisonment, and to the relatively minor crimes probation. Judge: do not let the rational rational rights become irrational in case the judge think.