7Shanghai old clothing recycling bins were contracted or flow to the secondary market|Shanghai old clothing recycling bins were contracted or flow to the secondary market

Shanghai old clothing recycling bins were contracted or flow to the secondary market recently, the giant panda recycling bins debut a public environmental protection activities on the spot. Oriental IC figure, the original title: Shanghai old clothes recycling bins to charity in the name of profit in recent years, a lot of residential areas in Shanghai appeared such as "Panda", "green house" like old clothes recycling bins, these recycling bins often also the name under the banner of "public interest" or "government practical projects". Members of the public said, put the clothes do not need to throw it into the recycling box is a way of municipal government to promote garbage classification, these clothes thrown into the inside is also more assured, will not be random use of other people". However, survey found, some case has been Street closed garbage vendor contract, resulting in old clothes directly flow violations in the secondary market or incinerator, and printed with the words "project for the city government" in the recycling bin has been denied the relevant departments. ] hawker survey lease of old clothes recycling bins, Pudong New Area, Tang Lu Fu Gong Lu Yi supermarket on the opposite side of the road on, a covers an area of several hundred square meters and simple and easy workshop, Cao x is the acquisition of used clothing unload the car. Here’s a bunch of cowboys and a bunch of sweaters, and some women are busy living to sort the summer clothes and fall and winter clothes. Cao Moumou just rented one of the 5 tenants of the warehouse. 5 per capita from Henan, among which the non pro, Shanghai has more than and 10 years. Cao Moumou operator inherited his father, his father Jo has been active in the first line used to buy clothes. Years of cooperation so that they have a tacit understanding: never talk about the source of old clothing, may not have been called from the waste acquisition station". For the flow of old clothes simply told "good point on the export of raw materials processing plant to rest". However, they tried to hide the secret, recently with the public to provide a blank project cooperation agreement and two invoices surfaced. The agreement of the first party for the Shanghai renewable resources development Co., Ltd., the paper is written: Party A will be the recycling of discarded clothing and electronic waste recycling bins for the right to use the × yuan only the price of the monthly rent to Party B. Rent each to pay once a quarter (rent), Party B has the right box body residents to throw any waste materials recycling, material return to Party B all. Party B shall pay Party A deposit of 1000 yuan. In addition a payment unit for Jo (Yangpu) the receipt marked reasons: 69 clothing bins rent. Time is from September 20, 2014 to November 19th. Payment methods for cash, a total of 8280 yuan. Sealed units Shanghai CRS Environmental Technology Development Co. ltd.. The other one is the 19 clothing recycling box rental receipt, payment and receipt of your units are. Multiple sources confirmed that CRS and Wanrong is a fact, Jo is Cao’s father. Recycling companies did not own factory of 22 at 10 o’clock in the morning, the reporter to lease million volume company in Shanghai of all tanks in the name of, in Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Huajing road 418, saw the company director, logistics Sun Baozhong. Each other up and down after the reporter, made clear: "the company is not rental housing, since the 6