7Overseas shopping WeChat payment may be hit by a red envelope – Sohu news|Overseas shopping WeChat payment may be hit by a red envelope – Sohu news

Overseas shopping WeChat payment may be hit in the red envelopes – Sohu news during the Spring Festival, visitors exit shopping also have the opportunity to get the opportunity to get WeChat red. Morning News hearing 2016 year Spring Festival is getting closer and closer, the reporter learned from the travel sites, travel agencies and other channels, this year’s Spring Festival travel will be strong, mostly family travel, the number of people on the Spring Festival is expected to be high. With the acceleration of the layout of the overseas micro channel, even if consumers outbound Chinese new year, still can achieve "micro letter envelopes is Chinese New Year". It is reported that in Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, China Taiwan, Hongkong, China and other countries and regions more than 1000 stores, launched the Spring Festival carnival, red non-stop series of preferential activities. Leaving the Spring Festival also not to miss the red envelopes from travel agency’s data show, short-range Asian destinations has been a popular choice for outbound, the Spring Festival this year is no exception. These hot lines of foreign businesses have long been prepared for the preferential activities in the form of WeChat red. In South Korea, during the period from February 5 to March 4, in Seoul, Jeju, Incheon and Gimpo airport four Shilla duty free shop, through micro payment, you can enjoy single spending over $100 minus 1 million won, single pen consumption over $150, minus 1.5 million won concessions. After the completion of the payment of the highest 888 yuan WeChat random cash envelopes. On February 8 to 14 year period, users through the above four stores shake shake, can shake out the highest 888 yuan red envelopes of cash. In Taiwan, China, during the period from February 1st to February 20th, the mainland tourists in Taiwan hundreds of merchant stores with WeChat to pay, you can get up to 3 cash envelopes, up to 888 yuan. "Spring Festival, the red stop promotions will also in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Phuket Island, Indonesia, Japan, China, Hong Kong and other places over 1000 stores on-line. Line in-depth development of overseas everywhere in the past two years, micro payments has roots in the line of the market, at present in China has covered more than 30 million line of stores. As the depth of the scene under the line, WeChat will accelerate the payment of overseas layout, the future of domestic consumers more scenes, more businesses can enjoy the convenience and benefits of mobile payments. WeChat had released a cross-border payment solutions, the core of the program is to achieve the RMB payment, foreign currency settlement, the realization of this function for both tourists and businesses have provided great convenience. In promoting the collection to improve the efficiency of the silver, foreign businesses can also be relying on micro channel, member of drainage to the micro channel merchants to the public, and build up a membership management system,; and with the social characteristics of micro channel, push up the conversion rate of promotional activities; also through the micro letter card packs, micro channel shake function, innovative marketing play to attract more users consumption to the scene. 2014, Chinese tourists spending the amount of 164 billion 800 million U.S. dollars, in 2015 will reach $200 billion, and the proportion of 18%-25%. WeChat payment team said that cross-border payment services will continue to adhere to the "ultimate open strategy", only to do the basis of the solution, the huge service market.