7Kobe Portland harvest warmth difficult ball Akira curtain – Sports fly in Lillard Sohu|Kobe Portland harvest warmth difficult ball Akira curtain – Sports fly in Lillard Sohu

Bryant Portland curtain call harvest warmth Akira fly Lillard difficult ball – Sohu Sports & gt; & gt; data point in the shooting record review Beijing time on January 24, the 2015-16 season NBA regular season continue. The Lakers 103-121 not enemy the Blazers and suffered a six game losing streak. Kobe played three, 9 cast 5, 10 points and 2 rebounds and 1 assists, there are 5 mistakes. Even in the most prosperous period of war, Portland home court, is always a site they are the most difficult to overcome. In this city, this arena, Kobe has left a regular time and double overtime lore look a. Finally, tonight, Kobe ushered in the last battle of the road in Portland. Before the game, arena early packed with fans wearing uniforms in Kobe, and Moda Center Home diehard fans, but also hold enough strength to unique boos, meet Bryant’s last visit. So in the first quarter after the war, every time the ball Kobe, the scene will be ringing a cheering and booing the two quartets. Of course, this wonderful effect, in this special night, seems to reveal a bit more warmth and nostalgia. This section with 4 minutes 03 seconds, to prevent Kobe Lillard encounter. Has been unable to get rid of the opponent’s footsteps in virtue of case, pan using realistic fake, shake up the game. Then, he quickly turned the ball into the jump shot! A full 8 minutes, Kobe finally hit the first ball. But frankly, to combat, Kobe’s physical condition is not ideal. And Portland here, no loose meaning, it is such a special atmosphere, let them play even harder. Thus, the score was inadvertently opened quickly by the home team. Of course, this situation does not affect Kobe’s personal play. Came to the festival, he resorted to his jump stunt, hit a ball. Easy side, Kobe’s attack is still a surprise to the fans. The postganglionic segment, with Pan frontal sway, immediately after the fade away shot shot, he has had 10 points, and the ball, he is also in Portland thrown into the last ball. Data show that, in the playoffs, Kobe played a total of 40 games at home in Portland, but only to win the 12 games. After the campaign, Kobe in this arena losing record was added to a. But at least in the night, after losing the pan feel is no longer sad and depressed, and on-site fans loudly cheering farewell, also let him with warmth, gratified to leave Portland. (Poirot)