7Japanese Self Defense Force officers were ill in the submarine shot suicide|Japanese Self Defense Force officers were ill in the submarine shot suicide

The Japanese Self Defense Force officers abused in the submarine shot himself data figure: Japan’s "black dragon" class submarines original title: Marine self defense force officers being superior abuse within the submarine shot himself [global network reporter reports Yu Pengfei] according to the Japanese NHK news January 12, reports, Japan Maritime Self guard a lieutenant due to unbearable abuse at a higher level and in the submarine shot himself (injuries not dead), abused the lieutenant of the three officers subjected to disciplinary action. Reported that the incident occurred in September 2015, the Japanese maritime self defense force until today announced the matter. Parked in Hiroshima Prefecture Wu base of maritime selfdefence "dragon class submarine in the 39 year old lieutenant in the cabin with a pistol shot himself, were rescued, but caused by the shooting serious sequelae. Japan Maritime Self Defense Force Survey results show that the lieutenant was two when he was superior and a former boss (another Submarine Service) of abuse, resulting in the first lieutenant appeared mental problems eventually choose to commit suicide. Reported that the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force in October last year the implementation of the three suspended punishment officers abuse under punishment.