7Japan plans to rebuild the red bird reef observation base to monitor the Chinese vessels|Japan plans to rebuild the red bird reef observation base to monitor the Chinese vessels

Japan plans to rebuild the red bird reef Observatory monitoring Chinese vessels, the original title: Japanese media: Japan will rebuild Okinotori reef Observatory monitoring Chinese ships Reference News Network February 3, reported Japanese media said, the Japanese Ministry of land, in Japan’s southernmost Chong Bird Island (I call for the Okinotori reef – note this site) monitor reconstruction surrounding waters and meteorological observation base. The original base disrepair, the government intends to transfer about 130 billion yen (1 yuan of RMB about 18 yen – the note) as project costs intends to 2020 completed the reconstruction of. In view of Chinese vessels in the surrounding activities, but also can use the base to strengthen the regulatory system. According to Japan, "Asahi Shimbun" February 1, reports, the base is a three story reinforced structure, in addition to the observed temperature and wave height, also available cameras and radar surveillance exchanges of suspicious vessels, data via satellite communications sent to Yokohama, Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport subsidiaries. The province every year to send two staff to the island view maintenance and repair quay wall. Reported that, due to Okinotori island at high tide most will be submerged in the sea, so the base set up in the height of 20 meters and a width of 80 meters from the bench. The base was set up in 1991, due to typhoon and wave erosion, severe corrosion Taiwan iron frame. Japan’s Ministry of land and transport believes that only a few years down the base will be bad, began to explore the redesign, trimming. Reported that, from the beginning of 2000s, the island began to find around the island of Chinese marine survey activities. China has always been to "in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea rushed the bird island just ‘rocks’, not as exclusive economic waters delineated on the basis of" to contain Japan. Islands as the basis of the exclusive economic waters than Japan’s territory to more than 400 thousand square kilometers, the sea of rare earth and other resources development is expected. Reported that the Japanese Ministry of land and transportation believes that the reconstruction is the necessary measures to preserve the island should be started as soon as possible. (compile Yang Ting) responsibility editor: Liu Debin SN222