7Explore The Hidden Facts Of Mount Abu Temple|Explore The Hidden Facts Of Mount Abu Temple

Small Business If you want to avoid the scorching heat of Rajasthan take a tour to Mount Abu. Guru Shikhar is the highest peak of Mount Abu. It is the only hill station in the bare desert of Rajasthan. It is one of the popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan and people visit here to experience the architectural excellence of India. Foreign tourists show their eagerness in the erstwhile Indian Rajputs who resided here in the past eras. The beauty of the temples reflects Indian cultural heritage. The architectural carvings of Mount Abu temple is worth of admire. Dilwara Temple:- The Jain temples are devoted to Jain tirthankaras. One of the well known Jain temples located here is the Jain Dilwara temple. This temple was constructed in the time of Chalukya during 11th and 13th century. The awe-inspiring marble work of this temple draws everyones attention. The walls of the temple speak of the great Chalukya dynasty. Today, this temple ranks equal to Taj Mahal from architectural viewpoint. Luna Vashi Temple:- Located just few kilometers away from Dilwara temple this Jain temple has also been dedicated to the Jain tirthankaras. It was made jointly by Vastupala and Tejpala-under King Viradhavala. The temple is famous for its extraordinary floral carvings. Mount Abu Temple Gaumukh:- Gaumukh temple has a story behind the name of the temple. The story of a serpent which is considered the eternal protector protects the temple from natural disasters. The temple is devoted to Saint Vaishisth. The temple has also gained popularity as a meditation centre. The pilgrims of this temple considered cow as the religious animal and the name Gaumukh has been derived from a engraved cowion the temple premises. Vimala Vashi Temple:- Vimala Vashi Temple regarded a religious temple by the devotees is located 2.5 kilometers away from the town of Mount Abu. This is a Mount Abu temple dedicated to the first Jain tirthankara Adinath. Made by Vimal Shah, this temple gathers popularity in the world of tourism. It has an idol of Adinath (constructed by metals-brass and gold). The tourists who visit here appreciate the attractive depictions, floral paintings and lotus beds in the temple. Shri Raghunathji Temple:- Among so many Mount Abu temples Shri Raghunathji temple earns special attention because of its sacredness. The temple has been dedicated to Lord Vishnu who personifies Raghunathji. Raghunathji is known as the world saver for protecting the world from natural disasters. If you are visiting Mount Abu, the above mentioned places are a must visit or else your journey remains incomplete. About the Author: