7Chinese version of the sun’s descent on duty and money leopard, cobra confrontation – in the new net|Chinese version of the sun’s descent on duty and money leopard, cobra confrontation – in the new net

Chinese version of "the sun’s descent": on duty and money leopard, cobra confrontation – in the new network life reported in April 10th, "the real overseas peacekeepers in the end what kind? Really like the drama in the play it?" Recently, Lieutenant Colonel Xuede frequently been friends asks when peacekeeping experience, a lot of people are with him filed a Korean drama, the direct descendant of the sun ". By the end of 8, this drama in the topic of discussion on micro-blog has more than 10 billion, will usher in a big end next week. In fact, as a big country, and over the years, the Chinese version of the sun’s descent has been constantly in the Overseas Mission District staged. Two years ago, our country to Liberia, United Nations mission sent a 140 people of peacekeeping police anti riot squad, this is in China for the first time to Africa formed to send peacekeeping police anti riot squad, and the riot squad is mainly in Heilongjiang Frontier Corps soldiers set up. In the local dimension and time up to 8 months. 5, the reporter interviewed a number of peacekeeping police have been to Liberia Mission District, secret Chinese peacekeeping force behind the true story…… Hard beach resident black vegetable plot playback: Song Joong ki with a bottle of red tease sister, two women doctors leisurely drinking ginseng chicken soup, the team occasionally to a collective barbecue… In the Korean drama, Alfa squadron rarely been plagued by food problems. In fact, overseas peacekeeping is not a picnic". Before go to Liberia. He Chengxiang captain has been not understand: "why photos of children in Africa, hungry sallow and emaciated, belly is bulging?" Over there he completely understand, "because food less food, they eat too much is not easy to digest things to alleviate hunger." Most of the local people every day to eat a meal, the cassava, palm seeds as a staple food, with tropical fruit to eat. Once, he went to a village patrol, diamond mine obviously in front did not dig, villagers are the reason is: "we are too hungry, there is no effort to shovel." Liberia, near the equator, is one of the world’s poorest countries, the Chinese riot squad resident in Greenwell. Most of the local desertification soil and can rarely vegetable planting soil, want to buy leeks must go to the capital, Monrovia, a cabbage to ten dollars, cucumber, radish is the sale of a head, the ingredients of one-time purchase of more than 100 people simply can not do. The cook Li Guifu recalled: "every time you buy cassava most can only buy two or three, get back to save, lobbied for more than 20 to you cook a meal!" Logistics division captain Wei Bing often patronize a store, because the purchase of a large number of vegetables, and even the other was included in the black list". Just arrived in the mission area, because of the shortage of materials, we have to rely on Steamed Buns, instant noodles and radish pickles. In order to solve the food problem, the players in the seaside cultivated vegetable and soil of cucumber, cabbage, spinach shipped from the high slope, because food is hard to come by, every time we eat are engaged in CD action, the nearby crow to force go. A player in a diary humorously wrote: Recently, local Wumeng (crow Development Alliance for short) around the camp held 9 Party Talks and reached the following agreement, Chinese riot team to carry out the "austerity love food activities".