7Beijing Jiaotong University – Luqiao, China signed a contract to foster international students – Chi|Beijing Jiaotong University – Luqiao, China signed a contract to foster international students – Chi

Beijing Jiaotong University – China Road and Bridge signed cooperation training students — China Central Enterprises News Network – authority released the central enterprises, the SASAC, local state-owned enterprises the latest news – People’s network people Beijing April 7 – (reporter Wang Jing) April 6, China Road and bridge and Beijing Jiaotong University held cooperation training students signing ceremony, the first 25 from Kenya for a period of 4 years of railway related professional undergraduate study at Beijing Jiaotong University. The international student education funding activities jointly initiated by the China Luqiao and Kenya highway bureau. Within the next three years will have 60 Kenyan outstanding high school graduates to a top university in China for a period of 4 years (taught in English) or 5 years (in Chinese) railway related professional undergraduate education, activities designed to cultivate and transport of high-end talent for the operation of the railway network in Kenya and East Africa. December 2015, President Xi Jinping in the China Africa Cooperation Forum Johannesburg summit put forward China Africa cooperation plan ten, for the development of Sino African friendly relations of cooperation into a new and strong impetus to the overall development. In the content of cooperation, "the expansion of education and human resources development and cooperation" in particular. At the same time, Kenya President U Heru Kenyatta and President Xi Jinping agreed on the issue of education and training, the Chinese side will be funded in the next 3 years, 1000 students in Kenya for undergraduate training. Transportation BuDangZu members daidongchang said that although China and Africa are separated by vast oceans, but has a long history of friendship, which transport cooperation in infrastructure construction is an important part of the friendly exchanges between China and Africa. Led by the China Road and bridge the earliest a batch of entering the international project contracting market enterprises, the construction of a a large number, including Mongolian railway, to African countries in their economic and social development has important significance in the large scale engineering project. And the joint training of students living in life, is the central enterprises to go out in the process of social responsibility is an important manifestation of the promotion of the sound, the strengthening of cooperation between Africa and the United play a huge role in promoting friendship. "We not only want to build a hundred years of railways, but also to do a good job of local employees training and technology transfer, which is the Kenya government and the people of Kenya’s commitment." China to build the Sun Ziyu, vice president of said. The study of the development assistance activities, not only will deepen bilateral cooperation in education pertinent, for the future operation of the railway network in Kenya and East Africa conveying high-end talent and of economic and social development in Kenya and Africa "three in one" built design is of great significance, reflecting the pertinent profound friendship. Chinese Luqiao is the two century railway, Mongolian railway builders, is the friendship between China and the practitioner. Mongolian railway project in entering the first set the three system training plan: implementation process for local employees training; actively carry out during the operation of railway technical personnel training; to promote cooperation between domestic universities and colleges in Kenya, help Kenya for colleges and universities to create a railway engineering. During the construction of the project, a total of more than 38 thousand jobs, for the employees to carry out skills training more than 17 thousand people, a total of more than 4000 professional construction technical personnel training. Data show that in the railway construction cost per 100 yuan, 40 yuan was used for local. The main basic construction of the project;